How Do I Find a Therapist that Specializes in Schizophrenia

The title says it all. I would like help to find a specialized therapist in schizophrenia, I have been to other therapists but have not found them that helpful as I am already high functioning and well adjusted. Some extra help could be of great use.


And narrow your search to specializing in “behavioral issues”

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Some therapists told me they had a one hour lecture on schizophrenia in Graduate School, and nothing more.

I’m not saying therapy is good for schizophrenics, but it is what our society allows for schizophrenia. Therefore, over the years, some therapists have developed into someone who can really be helpful to schizophrenics.

Therapy is not without dangers, of course.


Ask your primary care doctor to refer you to someone he knows to be interested in the problem. Find a doctor who has an interest in it and you’ll probably do better.

If by therapist, you mean someone to talk to like a clinical psychologist, your primary doctor may well know some in your community that are well recommended.

If you are near a major medical center or concierge style psychiatric center, there are often multidisciplinary teams including psychologists or therapists to help. Also, try the American Psychological Society.

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Good luck on finding a therapist that specializes in treating people affected by schizophrenia.
Most therapists including my current doctor is unfamiliar with treating psychosis.

Most of her clients are neurotic.
Seasonal depression, anxiety, marital issues, etc…

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I would call around and simply ask people. Any good therapist would be happy to answer your questions and be upfront about their experience and qualifications.

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Where r u from @Ranjeeth …???


Im from Dallas, Texas but I am from Indian Immigrants

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Out of topic ranjeeth can u work full time…!!! I am from nepal and i know there are alot of nepali in texas…!!! Have u meet them…!!!

I find or have found that the majority of therapists I’ve found have no idea what sz/sza is. I had to explain as best I could, in a way that they could understand, what psychosis was like for me.

I am in college right now, but graduate in two weeks. I am trying to go to medical school to become a psychiatrist, so I need to take my MCAT in September before I start to look for a full time job, but yes I can find a full time job. I have met barely any nepali individuals in Texas.


Amazing keep at it!

That is like looking for a needle in a haystack in my experience. There’s 50 billion therapists out there and 90% of them are dumbos who took psychology in college bc it was easy and they “like people” and basically just deal w people w random mundane life problems and not mental illness. Usually only psychiatrists have experience with more severe mental illnesses but 90% of them are arrogant jerks w no sense of empathy that shouldn’t even be in the psych field.

I’ve never in my life been able to find someone specializing in psychosis which is why when I go through school I want to make it my specialty.


Good for you, @Anna!

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Good for you, @Ranjeeth!


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