Cant find a damn therapist

I NEED a therapist. I am sick and tired of quacks who only know how to deal with people who don’t actually have mental illness and are just stressing over common life problems. I want a PSYCHOSIS SPECIALIST. I cannot find one no matter how hard I look. I have no idea how to find one. I went on a freaking website to try to match me with one and psychosis wasn’t even an option you could pick to look for. This is BS.

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I had the same issue.

I’m assuming you tried the Psychology Today search?

I never heard of schizophrenia psychologists. Psychologists help you in daily life but they can’t treat positive symptoms like psychiatrists.

oh yeah. Absolutely useless. They will throw psychosis in as a tag and then the whole therapists description is like family and relationship counseling. I mean come on.


I know my symptoms have to be managed with medication. I need a safe space where I can talk about how my symptoms affect me on a daily basis and not have the other person freak out, think I need hospitalization, or think I am some spiritual guru.

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Could you maybe look for ptsd specialties? It might be the next best thing to what you need.

I tried that approach. First lady thought I didn’t even have psychosis, thought I had repressed trauma, DID, etc. and felt she didn’t have the expertise to handle my case so she referred me to a wacko who said I wasn’t mentally ill at all and needed to go to a healer, a priest, go on some spiritual retreat and take lsd, all kinds of crazy stuff.

(No one seems to understand I am traumatized from the psychosis itself)

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Sorry. I found my psychosis specialist at the free clinic. Thats where most people with psychosis end up in my city, so that is where the therapists with the most experience tend to be.

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I agree with what you say about this.

My problem was Autism with the therapist. She told me to get assessed for it as if I had it she reckoned it would inform her treatment

Short answer is she said now I have this diagnosis that a lot of the work she was going to do wouldn’t be relevant to someone with an ASD diagnosis, so I am being cut off

She did sweet FA to do with psychosis. I saw her twice when this was bothering me a lot and she was so useless in helping me.

I got it free (Still pay for it with taxes) but even so, it’s a waste of money. She is leaving as well to work on bank which means she does less hours and gets paid more on a kinda self employed basis.

This whole idea people who work for the NHS as a vocation seems a bit flawed when this is the second person I have had direct contact with who has chosen to work bank instead.

Anyways, I don’t think I will bother trying to go private based on what you say.

My therapist specializes in dealing with neurotic clients.
Lots of anxiety and depression issues.

She doesn’t have a clue about psychotic disorders.

It’s frustrating but most therapists are like this.

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