How come most people on this forum are pro-med compliant?

With all the bad side effects from the AP. Will some of us always relapse if we stop taking AP?


I think I am treatment resistant but I take my meds.
Without them I would be a mess


Some will have an acute relapse. Some will have a relative decline in functioning. A few may get away scot free.

The thing is gambling on whether you can hit the jackpot and belong to the latter group. The potential losses for making the wrong bet are considerable.


Maybe because most people on schizophrenia forums are insightful into their illness and know they need meds.

Besides, there are a lot of relapses even in med compliant people


I fought being on meds long enough to know better. I certainly don’t want to take them but there is no alternative.


I’ve already tried coming off medication and it didn’t work for me so I’m staying on medication. I refused to take the amount I was on a few years ago and came off some of my medication successfully but I am still on 2 medications for the schizophrenia and 1 for epilepsy. I likely always will be. I accept that. The side effects for me are tolerable.


Because I stay out of the hospital. My family and I are tired of me going to the hospital. I guess I have it pretty bad… I’ve been there a lot. No one believes my ‘delusions’ like I’m living in a matrix or that something real might have happened to me years ago. I just end up getting more medicated. I feel like I’m in a time loop, living in a simulation, and there’s really nothing I or anyone else can do.

@TomCat said it for me exactly. Meds are my only option. Without them, I am not able to do life well. I’ve tried.


A lot of schizophrenics around the world are really deep in the schiz/psychosis, nonfunctioning.
Here people have at least some type of standard or relative insight on the situation.

Idk a lot of people here take meds etc, but I’ve been on the forum and there are still people who don’t like to take them or stop taking them - (was one of them)
Like a self-battle about it based on unawareness of your own self/situation

Guess it just comes down to whether or not your medically compliant.


I think alot of us already went through denial,
and refusing to take meds,
with terrible outcomes, psychosis, hospitalization.

I learnt things the hard way, now i take my meds. side effects suck, but not as much as psychosis.


because it keeps me off the streets, wondering around with the wrong ammunt of clothes on and ending up in a stranger’s car etc etc


if you are schizophrenic you will need to be on medication.
it is a brain disorder and the pills are designed to change our brains functioning.

without exception it is the treatment for psychosis
anti - psychotics

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I am med compliant because the meds help and not taking the meds results in me getting worse. It doesn’t take long to figure that out.

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I don’t get any side effects

This is why I am med compliant.


The side effects are awful but I am still pro med because the meds keep me from becoming severely delusional and paranoid.

The meds keep me from going to the hospital or jail, or becoming homeless!


The AP makes me walk in circles. I hate that. Other than that it’s okay. But that’s kind of a big caveat.

I don’t know what to say though, I’ve never had an AP not cause akathisia. They all do. I hate it with a passion.

I just want relief without having to pace all day.

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They tell us to be that way. And get rid of those who do not sing that tune.

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Because we see again and again how people improve once they find the right meds.

Sure, there are side-effects, but all meds have some side-effect.
It’s about weighing how many side-effects you can tolerate while your mind improves.
You can’t find a medicine for this that doesn’t have unwanted effects, but some are manageable.

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I am not pro-med. I actually hate the people who first put me on them without telling me about the side effects, the damage, the never being capable of coming off again. I tried to stop a billion times because im against them - I see my addiction to them as similar or worse than an addiction to alcohol, heroin, cocain.

But…I cant. Below a certain dose i get symptoms that are worse than anything i had before meds. I end up in hospital, with an even higher dose. I do dangerous stuff. I cant be around my son. My parents get traumatised.

Its not that i want to be compliant - there is no other way.