How come black people don't ever get called racists?

I work in a store and had a few different accounts with black customers today that were intentionally giving me a hard time and being rude to me while I was doing my best to please them. They seemed to act fine to other black people in the store and I was the only white guy. I think we should give these black trouble people an island of their own and see how well they do. They don’t deserve to be in a great country like the US.

Because the media says that people of color can’t be racist.

What about Chinese, Japanese & Korean firms selling their products or manufactured products in the US?

I grew up in Detroit and it’s mostly black. I was beat up all the time and called honky and cracker and white bread. Blacks can definitely be racist.


People of color can be racist just like anybody else.

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We are all people of color. White, black, brown, yellow. Here is the thing… you are no better than a racist. Until you learn we are.not that different. Racism comes in all shapes and sizes. It is an ignorant prejudice when you say ALL black/white people are racist. And the reason why you are no better is because you’d be quicker to use slurs and derogatory terms in comparison to some who would hold their tongue until you did first instead of rising above, racism digs itself in a hole. You want the bigger island and we share the same river. It may be due to getting beat up that you say ALL these people are racist. Believe it or not, there are good people of ALL colors who would sooner forgive you for your hatred due to a series of bad experiences, they would hold their tongue and remain silent. Yet, a group of racist people would break the silence sooner, regardless of what color they may be. I do not mean to insult you, I mean to say, the world is more than a bubble. People need to get out and see a different perspective. Believe it there are beautiful women of all colours. Hatred of others innate within oneself, children when from out of town may befriend any GOOD or DECENT friend, and the ignorant teaching racism would try to divide in order to gain a sense of self grandeur, this is a form of insecurity. If we divide ourselves we are easily conquered. It is time for GOOD people to break their silence. Nobody is perfect, do not close one eye and tell me you are half blind or that your eye can see better than mine. Why not say, I see and so I see. I close my eyes and I hear, and so I listen. Now I would like to hear your response. What makes a great sports team?

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Or bite your tongue and say I am not worth your time.

Not innate… freaking little hackers hah. Inside*

Simply put, there are good people of ALL colour.

Hah no I would not physically fight you over this topic. But know those who do fight physicslly and continue to fight physically are always defeated by the youth. I would listen to you for hours honestly. I’d even suggest try to convince me otherwise.

Black people say that they can’t be called racist and we can because whites have most of the power in our country, and because of that we can institutionalize our negative feelings about blacks. They say blacks can be bigoted, but because they don’t have that much power in our country they can’t be racist.

Here is the problem… not every black person says they cannot be racist. Meaning those who know remain quiet. It is grouping a detrimental minority and passing it as a fact to the whole. The problem is that in prisons were men are caged… Caucasian folk are the minority. Once released many realize they have more in commonn with those who have done time for the same crime than those who still do and think they’re smarter. Drugs are poisoning prisons. Drugs are poisoning people and racist folk sell to their own.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. You are sounding racist yourself in your last two sentences. It makes it seem like you might have been a little racist already before this incident. And yes, reverse discrimination is wrong too but when black people get a little hostile towards whites it is wrong but understandable because of the U.S.A’s. past and current mistreatment of blacks. That said, no one should be racist and in individual situations there should be no discrimination. But generally speaking, I see why certain ethnic groups are mad at each other.


I must argue that I am not arguing against the Caucasian, I am arguing against the greed which causes these drugs to be poisonous. After all Caucasians are a minority in prisons and there is an exponential minority which sees… folks is folks… we are all kinfolk. I think upon reading that we might find some common ground as I am not discriminating against white people, only against a lessening detrimental majority in a growing exponential minority. The problem is when the truth sets a person free… sometimes they are seen as rats or snitches even if they hold their silence simply for notably changing their way. There is an old joke some prisoners smile and some respect… In prison… white folks are viewed as the niggers. (Note rated NC-18 because we don’t need children in prisons.) Listen to the goodness of man, brother. The aforementioned problem is that people fight over the quality and who gets what to the point where decent young men are poisoned to make a dollar off a 10 cent bet.

Only at 3 oclock in the morning does this thread not get closed down immediately!


It would be easier to control the harm that drugs do if we legalized them. Look at alcohol. Everyone knows it is often devastating, but it was easier to control at least a little if we made it legal. Keeping it illegal just made it much more profitable, and that spawned a lot of violence. If we legalized drugs we would have to lock up near as many people in prison. Drive by shootings would go away. Look at how much larceny is committed by addicts trying to support their habit. One newsman said that eighty per cent of the burglary in Oregon was committed by drug addicts trying to get their next fix. Drugs would still do damage if we legalized them, but not nearly as much.

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Agreed it would also improve medical treatment for addiction and it’s properties.

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On the topic of the OP, marijuana was made illegal because it was a “black person thing” and it was an easy way to put blacks in jail back in the early 20th century.

I think there still is a degree of racism as to why it’s illegal in a lot of states.

I think if we legalized it you would see more black people getting DUI’s for marijuana impaired driving instead of simple possession.

You can change the policy, you can’t change the climate of racism in the country. They’ll find a way to arrest black people even if one of the top reasons for arresting them is made legal. Like a lot of people smoke in the car, and they will start arresting people more for that. Nowadays if they catch you in the car it’s not like alcohol where they will automatically give you a DUI. They’re more apt to give you a possession charge than a DUI for smoking marijuana in the car. So they’ll still arrest African-americans for marijuana, just the charges will be slightly different.

Hahaha Mira Juanito… sinsemilla y marijuana. Kush, herb, cannabis, weed… lmao GANJA! Just like Indian Pale Ale…

NYC has had partial decriminalization laws for a while where really they can arrest you, or they can fine you. The statistics showed like 90% of the arrests were minorities even though the majority of weed smokers were white. See they’ll always find a way to arrest people for discrimination.

Maybe my post doesn’t make sense, because operating a car high is a bad thing. Gosh I don’t even do that anymore. But marijuana stays in your system for a month. If someone smokes a week before and tests positive, they could still give them a DUI? or no? They need better technology for that.