Politically Correct

There has been lots of talk about being politically correct. (PC). Many humans detest it and many embrace it.
Are you PC?

Political correctness (adjectivally: politically correct), commonly abbreviated to PC, is a term which, in modern usage, is used to describe language, policies, or measures which are intended not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society.

As an artist, political correctness equals censorship, a lot of art is offensive but makes a statement, and is important to a society, some artists are offensive on purpose and the political correctness movement seeks to destroy anything outside the realm of what is said to be normal…freethinkers are dangerous

So as an artist you value PC though, no?

Depends on the art.

Personally, it holds no value

Do you think it is a case of fake morals and values?

I think “PC” just means a well balanced and considerate perspective. Its easy to say simple, poorly thought through statements that sound good at first glance and might appeal to your emotions, but which when people think deeper are just wrong in many instances.

For example - there is a trend right now in some circles of the USA to say “immigrants are bad, we need to build walls around the country, kick out all the illegal aliens”. That is a non-PC statement that some percent of the people in the USA think is right.

But - if you think a little more deeply - most of the people in the USA are immigrants or children of immigrants. 99.99% of immigrants are no better and no worse than anyone else (in fact - lots of statistics say they are harder working and do more than non-immigrants). Moreover, the original “americans” were people from europe, many of which were suffering from religious persecution and which were not “invited” onto the land of North American (so were in fact “illegal immigrants”

Just my perspective.


There is political correctness and there’s genuine kindness and consideration for the diversity that exists and deserves merit. In other words: pc involves the letter of the law, genuine concern involves the heart. And pc and genuine concern are not always one in the same.



Perhaps it is propaganda meant to deceive the masses to conform, the group Otep has a lot of good music on this…smash the control machine…rise, rebel, resist

Well some people want to use language and such things to be abusive to people who are not their own. At the same time, other people want to use PC to keep their “virgin ears” from being tarnished, and that is just a way to keep away from criticism. Just like being too far to the other side will make you not want to take criticism, because you will think you are superior. And then you see what happens with that, people riot.

I disagree. Art can be vehemently offensive yet still PC.

Anyone can take anything too far, and unfortunately the ones who are likely to are the ones who are also the most likely to be loud about it when they do.

PC is the opposite of destroying everything outside the realm of “normal”. PC is about recognizing things outside of our “normal” experience as legitimate and worthy of respect.

I get what you’re talking about. I’m gonna say that the artists you’re referencing are trying to create a sensation by what they depict, and people calling them crass and insensitive is part of that sensation. If they’re genuine about what they’re creating, then the uproar isn’t unexpected or even unwelcome. Art that makes a statement by definition causes conversation and controversy.


This is true. I don’t really get PC that isn’t driven by genuine concern, but it definitely exists

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God I’m having trouble reading and comprehending. It’s like the words are disappearing.

I think PC is an attempt of redefining normal after a period of skewed ethics and morals.

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I think how Rhub describes is one way how to redefine normal. So you’re both right in a way.


You think? I think it might be more an effort to deconstruct “normal”. There is no “normal”, only what we’re used to and so term “normal”.

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That’s what I meant doll. :heart:

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