So offended, i was struck speechless

and for me that’s saying something because usually when someone says something to make me mad, I can rant for a good hour.

I recently managed to get accepted into UMaine Farmington for some classes (a couple of arts classes, that my GF is also in) I was asked to come and vote on some new Campus rules.

The rules were mostly to do with some political stuff, and how the school wanted to handle it.

One of the things to vote on was “Should political movements like Black Lives Matter be prohibited from actively protesting on campus grounds?”

That seemed reasonable to me because when the local group that uses the hashtag all lives matter tried to hold a rally on campus the black students protested and the campus banned the group.

The rules of the campus vote are pretty much the same as for an actual government vote, you are in a booth and people are not allowed to look in while you vote.

As I rolled my wheel chair to the machine that tallies the votes, some, well I dont know if he was half black or possible south American…anyway he snatches my sheet out of my hand, looks it over, sneers at me and says “Figures a whitey would have a problem with black lives matter. You’re all a bunch of child raping racists anyway.”

He drops my sheet on the floor and walks away. I could not formulate a word, let alone a full comeback. But what kind of comeback do you have for being called a pedophile racist?

My GF was also harassed at this event. because of her name ‘Yuki’ she received an invite to join the Asian Studies Club, they asked to meet her at the voting room. When they saw that she wasn’t Asian…they started screaming at her about ‘white appropriation’ and ‘stealing our culture’.

For this I had a comeback. “So what are your names then and what is your culture?”

“Rachel, my parents are vietnmese.” to which I replied “Rachel is a white name. you have appropriated a white cultures valuable asset.”

They all replied with their names, all of which were very western. NONE of them had Japanese ancestry. so I had one final bit for them. “How can you say she stole YOUR culture, when none of you are Japanese?”

I am sorry if anyone finds this political, but I had to spend the whole night mulling this over, trying to figure out where these people get the gall to say stuff like this.

I’m racist because i’m white? isn’t that the same as saying someone is a criminal because they are black? Isnt that racist? And where the hell does the whole child rapist thing come from? What the hell.

Also on the note of racism on this campus. someone spray painted two hashtags on the library’s sign. #whitelivesdontmatter and #killallwhites

If someone had spray painted those, but with black instead of white, the police would have been called. the campus is calling it a case of random case of vandalism intended to incite anger. Which is obvious sure, but they would be calling the FBI if it was about black people instead.

I am just getting so sick and tired of this racism/bigotry crap! If you support black people you are a criminal or a ‘liberal’ if you don’t like blacklivesmatter you are a racist, if you support gay rights you are morally corrupt person who is going to hell, if you don’t support them you are as bad as a baby killer.

I HATE politics, I really really really do, because all it does is cause fights. I just want to be able to live my life without fear of being judged for my skin, religion, or personal views. I don’t ask for anything else. And I treat others the way I want to be treated (unless they give me reason not to).

Sorry for this rant. I’m just wondering if I really want to attend a school that allows such blatant racism and mistreatment take place, simply because its not being directed at social minorities…

That kind of thing is happening at campuses across the nation. You will find it hard to find one where it isn’t. As for the “child raping” whites - in my experiences I have come across just as many black cases of pedophilia as white. What they are saying is no better than an unsubstantiated rumor. Whoever started that was totally cynical about it. As for the destruction of Asian culture - it is their responsibility to maintain there own culture. We don’t have to sacrifice our way of life because it might bug them. It seems like white people are everybody’s whipping boy these days. They attack us because it is fashionable, and they know we won’t respond. It takes so much courage to be against whites these days.

As i know, most whites like child. Why they said child rape?

I decided to google it.

the myth started because some idiot couldn’t figure out ratios.

72% of men in prison for child molestation in 1991 were white, however this stat also included Hispanics (because at the time they were classified as Caucasian).

Anyway the ratio actually makes sense since you know white people make up abut 75% of the total US population. if you have 100 people in a room and 25 are black and the rest are white, and 5 of the blacks are child molesters and 10 of the whites are, when it comes to raw numbers, there are more white offenders than black.

but then you have to look at the ratio, 1/5 of blacks are offenders compared to 2/15 of whites…

but people are stupid and think "Well if there are more of them in jail then more of them do it!

Also it is estimated that as much as 80% of child molestations in ‘black’ neighbor hoods go unreported because of the stigma associated with it…

took a while to get a reliable article, the first three pages were BLM propaganda sites touting the evils of white people…

Great. You are smart, Dremulf. You know how to use google and calculate the ratio. I think that is why you are called racist.

i don’t care, i like to call myself green bc i try to be earth friendly lol

when i was at college i was Quized by this african guy bc i was wearing a t-shirt for the team GB olympic games and i felt very threatened by him,

sometimes the guys stalk British girls as well, i have seen this happen twice.

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These are some of the most difficult times to live in now–so much hate around.
When I was growing up in the 70s I was frequently called the “N” word by kids because I have some Middle Eastern heritage now I get called the “W” (White) word with the same amount of hatred behind it by whites (!!) and others.
In fact, one incident recently, I was looking for a dog at a shelter and a richly dressed African American woman came up to me and my two daughters and said “I’m going to buy you” I smiled and ignored her–she found no fuel and slinked away.
The world is definitely in need of some love and healing.

wow, I googled Whitelivesdontmatter, the hashtag was originally posted by BLM during the paris attacks!

on top of that someone posted a responding hashtag, most likely in anger '# Blacklivesdontmatter and Twitter made it so you can get flagged for using it and lose your account, but not if you use the white version!

there is actually a list of hashtags that can get you banned from twitter. some are obvious like Whitepower and Deathtobama.

others don’t make much sense, because they have counterparts that are not against the rules. hashtag Womenonly is allowed, but hashtag Nogirlsallowed is not…

hashtag blackpower is also allowed

so is hashtag killallwhites and hashtag deathtowhiteys…

what the hell…I think I am moving into my mind again…its a safer place than this world, and I’m fricken schizophrenic!!!

Go to a different school. This one sounds dangerous.

We’re just more polite in the south I guess. I haven’t had problems here and I don’t expect to have any when I go back. I took it upon myself to be educated about race issues by taking an African American Studies course. It put things into perspective.

I guess I’ve never come into much conflict on the racial side of things. Even in middle school when my friend painted my nails black one day after I’d died my hair yellow and I liked it so much it made the newspaper, somehow it caused this divide among people who listened and dressed like they listened to rap and people who were coming out expressing themselves alternatively, interestingly the opposition to this was ALL white and from the nods I remember the black crowd actually supported us.

Some guy called another guy the n-word at a party of mine back in the day after I’d gone to great lengths to prevent the fight at which point I just threw my hands up and let the fight happen.

I honestly don’t get out much but the only racial tension I’m seeing is either seeming to come from within me (which is wierd because I’ve never been the racist type) or coming from people who I wouldn’t say are racist but think the meaning of black is to live the thug street culture life. Like a friend of mine will say something and say, oh yeah that’s “black” for “this”. I don’t say anything but last time I remember we both spoke the same langauge, he’s just talking drug culture street garbage ■■■■ I figure because that’s the only time he deals with anyone of any color.

Maine huh? Close to home. I could see there being some tension there, Portland I think right? I lived there the first time I left home…well…after 18 anyway. I honestly have no clue what’s going on noaday’s. I’m old, I’m only 33, but I’m old, outdated and no nothing about a world I’ve always lived in not to mention having been through enough ■■■■ for three lifetimes. My brains about had it.

This was at UMaine Farmington. Though I did once live in Portland.

And 33 is not that old, but I get how you might feel old. I’m only 26, but somedays I feel like ive been walking this earth since time began…

I have never been what a rational person would call racist. Do sometimes accuse someone of being a stereotype? yes I do, but last I checked that wasn’t racist.

I’m just mostly upset that when you google ‘white stereotypes’ the most well known one is that white people are pedophiles.

I am thinking about touching on this subject in my blog, but it doesn’t really fit in with the mental illness thing, but I supposed considering I have already covered cannabis use and Valor Theft it wouldn’t be too much of an issue in the long run.

I have an appointment with my pdoc in about 4 hours, I might ask her about it, see what she thinks. She has read my blog, and was quite honest in telling me that while its a good way to vent, I need to work on staying on topic XD

I’ve also gotten some reactions because for some reason the text widget that is supposed to say “Some of these stories are ‘second hand’ and I am telling them to spread awareness. Not all events were in my life, some were told to me by close friends and support group members” I gotta fix that text widget…