Racism in the restaurant

I could have got in a fight today at a restaurant I like to go to …Chong Wah restaurant…I was in line behind all these oil field workers that were in front of me and one of them looked at the buddha like happy chinese statue sitting beside the cashier. a sweet asian woman that doesn’t speak a lot of english…he said, " hey do I rub this thing’s belly? no really, what is this one’s name?" there was a silence and then the cashier said, “i do not know it’s name”…he said, “really?” I almost lost it, I just wanted to say “hey jerk, just pay for your buffet and leave”…I was so hurt for the woman…I tried to smile the whole time I was being rang out and I think she knew I noticed. I wish I could have done something…

A person needs a thick skin to work with the public. There are a lot of jerks out there.

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I’m not sure where the racism comes in. Have you ever heard of Budai? Rubbing his belly is a traditional practice believed to bring luck. And how is it racism to expect someone working in the store to know what a statue in that store is called?

Honestly, it sounds like he’s more familiar with Chinese culture than you are.

It was the way he was talking to her…he had already checked out, there were two men and I still waiting to be checked out and he was just badgering her, kind of laughing while he did it…the whole gang of men were really immature, yelling “shotgun” before the left the restaurant…the other guy in front of me said “darnit I wanted to call shotgun”…I thought the whole bunch were idiots…I guess it was just ignorance on his part but it did seem racist to me …

It’s good that you didn’t start a fight, that gang of oil workers would have probably beaten you up and you’d then be the mentally ill one in trouble for starting a fight.

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Loud and obnoxious - Yes - Was he a racist? possibly, but not definitive - I am glad you didn’t get into a fight with them, because as the person diagnosed with schizophrenia, it would not have boded well for you -
I would have gotten upset also, I do not like loud and obnoxious people, especially out in public.
Try to take it easy @jukebox - take care
(If they were a bunch of true racists, I don’t think they would have walked into an ethnic establishment to order food -and give them business)

Talk about racism…in restaurants. When I was 14 I went to get some Chinese food with my girlfriend and her friends. We are sitting in our booth waiting for our food and you could hear the cooks in the kitchen speaking loudly, so a few of my girlfriends friends start loudly mocking the cooks going “Ching chong chang!” Everyone in the entire restaurant turned to look at us. I was so embarrassed I wanted to just disappear, so I start yelling at them to shut up just so no one thinks I was a part of it.

Not sure if that was racist, but I find that I react badly to what most people consider “normal” behaviour. For example, most humans value eye contact and see it as an indicator of honesty/integrity. I don’t like looking at peoples’ eyes or faces while talking. Too distracting as I see too much at once. People who are loud and boisterous also really get on my nerves. Don’t understand why people just can’t go about their business quietly. The thing I hate most is loud, braying laughter. To me it is the mark of imbecility.

Of course, I am decidedly in the minority, so I am probably reading things the wrong way. But it’s how I feel and why I dislike going out in public.