How can you know the difference from Schizo. negative symptoms from medication caused negative symptoms

as I am reducing my medication I am having more motivation and energy. I haven’t been without medication for many, many years, I cant really tell about my negative symptoms. I think mine is caused by medication.

Good question. I don’t know whether my lack of drive/goals/initiative/motivation has just worsened over time or it coincides with being on regular medication via the depot.

This research shows antipsychotics causing negative symptoms in healthy volunteers…


i compared mine to how i felt before psychosis to how i felt on meds? my psychosis was pretty high functioning but i stopped taking a shower when i got on meds

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Me to wile i was in psychosis and not diagnosed, i would work on my yard, shower every day, but once i was put on med i stoped all that, now i have reduced my med and i am thinking of working on the yard, even though curently i am taking 1.25mg risperdal, still i am very lazy, my friends that dont know that i have mental illness and i am taking medication, they think i am very lazy and calm person. But when i was not medicated they didnt have that opinion.

we had too much meds or the meds are too strong

**maybe its a combination of both? I dont want to say this but my son is overdue on his meds. However, I noticed how much easier it is to get along with him at the moment. He is overdue by a week and today-he went shopping, went to a coffee shop-all on his own. can`t figure it out. **

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