How do you differ negative symptoms from med laziness

When i was on 2mg of risperdal i had more motivation to do things. I was going to the gym every day taking a shower there. When the med was increased to 3mg i stopped going to the gym were not taking shower over a week feeling lazy all the time. Now i am on 2 again i go to the gym twice a week and do some other activities, but i still have more laziness than before my med was increased. I think it may be low testosterone. The 3mg lowered and it hasn’t went back to the level before my med was raised to 3mg.

I wonder whether a drop in motivation is sometimes a side effect. I have always been prone to low motivation and a degree of aimlessness but i sense the Consta has made it more entrenched…

There are three things that look similar. Specifically, depression, overmedication, and the negative syptoms of schizophrenia look similar.

I count on my professionals to help discover what it is with me. The cause does matter, because based upon what is causing the symptoms, one would treat them completely differently.



You have to get your blood tested when you’re on risperdal every so often, because the drug affects your hormone levels.

Some members from the old site had to get prescribed testosterone to replace the testosterone they lost.

Last blood test level was low, in a few days i am going to have another, but i am skeptical about testosterone meds they can stop natural production and raise the level artificially.

Too much medicine I think can kill motivation. Geodon killed my drive and creativity. Worked good at first, but it just really beat me down as a drug after a couple years. It was also tough to step off it even in small increments because the symptoms coming down in dose were nasty. Some days, I’d have to sneak an extra dose to avoid being a mess.

As much as I am glad to be on Seroquel, there was a time I was on a high dose. I had no energy left to do much.

My negative symptom feels different then med zapped. Negative symptom has a physical feeling for me as well. Plus it’s when I get the most suicidal thoughts. Med zapped is just so tired all the time and I just really don’t care to do much, but I don’t have that odd muted physical feeling and I don’t feel like making a final exit. I just feel like going to bed.

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