Negative symptoms and antipsychotics

It annoys me when people such as pdocs say the negative symptoms are part of the disease. I am certain that motivation problems come from the drugs.

This is an old study which shows that negative symptoms can appear from first time administration of haldol and risperidone to healthy people.

This is just after one use. I would like to see what they were like after three months.


Some medications definitely seem to make me more lazy, I am not sure if they are negative symptoms.

I saw my psychiatrist today who stated that low motivation can sometimes be a side effect of the drugs. For me it seems to be a combination - drugs and negative symptoms. No matter what the cause is, it is very annoying.

It’s the most irritating point for me. Stops me from going outside and engaging with people and activities. I’m lucky that the drugs fix my positive symptoms, although I would take some very low delusion if it meant I was motivated.

I had negative symptoms well before I was on meds. But yes, I do believe medication can contribute to lack of motivation. Which makes sense, since the meds mess with dopamine.

I agree. I had some before the meds, namely social withdrawal, but motivation was never one of them.

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Then I think it’s safe to say meds either enhanced it, or they just flat out caused it.

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