Negative symptomes

hi to all! :slight_smile: my mom asks if the meds are helping you for negative symptoms? i was angry one hour ago,now i am a little bit afraid. my ex psy said that my sz is mostly with negative symptoms. is there chance to go better? i have a schizo friend who is positive at doesnt suffer as me i think…

This is a common problem - the medications today don’t really help much in this area, but new medications are coming that seem to help. Here is some reading on the topic:

The only thing I’m aware of that has some data behind it in terms of helping in these areas is CBT for psychosis (therapy) and these supplements. New drugs are coming down the pipe but not here yet, that target these symptoms:

Sarcosine (what dosage and what provider did you try? ( I think DMDR had no success with Smartpowders, but then had success with the Profrontal product - so you might try profrontal or )
Sarcosine for Schizophrenia


N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC)


does the anger is negative symptom?

Negative means lack of. Positive means added to.

Example .

Negative - lack of motivation = your motivation has been subtracted from you . To Subtract = negative

Positive - hallucinations or delusions etc. are added to you.

and sorry for the requestion level, the anger-positive or negative? i made a crisis of anger an hour ago in front of my mother…

Anger isn’t typically a symptom of schizophrenia. Therapy is the best approach for anger treatment. Typically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is offered for excess anger.

Some videos on the topic:

i am fed up. so jealous of my schizo friend who doesnt even know what is negative symptom… i talk very little since child,its a bad pronostic if i carry all this since child…i am real angry right now,i cleaned my appart but they are killing me. i have alos depression but the ads makes me crazy…

Why are you jealous of her anyway?

maybe that shte doesnt have worries…i know,i am repetaing myself,dont know if schizos suffer so much of jealousy…

I don’t think jealousy is a symptom. She might have worries but not show them.

yes,it s a symptom in my case,maybe more from the spectrum of borderline, i have it like a diagnosis also and depressive but now for my ex and actual pdoc… its probably the case, she is not schizo just like that, but it sucks…i lack so much a confidence in myself…

When we compare ourselves to others can be a problem if we don’t know how to be positive with ourselves. I think you will learn techniques on how to deal best with your symptoms, it’s not easy but is doable.

What things do you like about yourself?

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nothing, i cant even think right now… i dont like nothing. i dont do nothing etc, i ll never get through it, i dont know schizos who are so angry and jealous of others…

Try and see the good things about yourself. It’s a work in progress and it might take some time at first but it’s worth it.

thank you darling for your responses, i feel less alone. there are 2 hours ago i was punching in a pillow. does the schizo anger is calmed down in psychiatry by aps? i want to offense people when i feel like this. i have small dosages of aps,tomorow i call my pdoc to see if i increase the haldol. i think i am not enough medicated right now :confused: