How can someone be gay without liking men?!

why do so many people throughout my life think im gay? there was a psychic type woman before my psychosis started that was doing what seemed like readings on everyone when my mom dragged me along to what she said was a prayer session. she would ask one by one for people to stand up and she’d put her hand on them, she said mostly regular things to everyone like telling some of the younger people to stop getting in trouble at school.

when she got too me she took a dramatic pause and said something about me having thoughts of suicide and homosexuality. when my psychosis started the first voices i heard were off my brother (who is gay) saying he can hear my thoughts and accusing me of being gay. also at school there was this very nice girl who i was friends with and now thinking back i think she thought i was gay because she always asked me why dont i have a girlfriend. when i hung out with my friend a few weeks into psychosis this guy kept calling me gay.

i dont get it. i love women, i have never been attracted to a man. when i think of how other people may view me i can see that some of my actions are a little weird but i dont see why some people have thought im gay. i think way differently than most people but i dont get it.

i consider myself to be pretty open minded but i never understood this. nowadays i have no interest in any kind of relationship as my confidence has become low over the years after a lot of weight gain and mental struggles.

i have alot of intrusive thoughts (sometimes sexual) and my thoughts are almost like an overexaggerated tourettes. i have seen some videos of trans women just out of curiosity and boredom with regular adult content. if that is gay than idk really i dont fear homosexuality but i also know that ive never wanted to enter a relationship with a man and dont even find men attractive, and that is pretty much the definition of gay (not acting a certain way or being interested in unusual stuff). if i dont meet that criteria than theres no way im gay, seems like some peoples definition of this word is warped

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Sometimes there’s no labels for these things. I thought I was gay but I don’t see myself with women but I also don’t care for sex. Either I’m asexual or Demi sexual I don’t know.

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People jump to conclusions without getting basic facts. You’re not gay. I’m sorry everyone assumes you are. Next time someone says something about you being gay, kindly let them know they’re wrong because you’re not attracted to men at all

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It sounds like you’re obsessing over this. So what if some people thought you were gay and you had some hallucinations or whatever of people calling you gay?

It doesn’t matter.


i just dont get how the “psychic” said i would have thoughts of suicide and homosexuality, then years later i end up being suicidal for months nonstop (which i think is from klonopin withdrawal).
ive finally pulled out of it somewhat but i still dont get the homosexuality part.

maybe im overthinking it

I had a break with reality that started from klonopin withdrawal.

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Yes you are. You said it yourself. Gay is being sexually attracted to men, and you said you aren’t. The psychic, all those people who said it, the voices, it’s all irrelevant.


Loads of people think Mr. Star is a gay man just because of how he dresses and acts. He doesn’t worry about it and just acts like himself and loves who he loves (me)


People always claim I’m gay or bisexual. I’ve never been attracted to females. I think they wish I were, because they don’t like competition.

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Just be yourself. Psychics are basically all con artists anyways. Anyone can claim to be psychic, there’s no central authority or organization on it. At least none to my knowledge.

A lot of people think I’m gay too, but I just find it kind of funny.

It’s A lot of ignorance though about sexuality and gay culture in general.

Look what everyone said about Bowie in the eighties. And he ended up marrying one of the hottest women in the world ha!!


When I first popped onto FB I kept bumping into old high school mates who were all like, “Wait, what – you’re married?!? Thought you were gay!” I’m not the manly man’s man and I’d rather sew than work on a car, but I’m not gay. Just be who you are and don’t worry about the labels.


I’d prefer to crochet or knit than fix a car. My wife tried to teach me to crochet, but I lacked the motor skills to do it. On one council estate we lived on umpteen blokes were into fixing cars . It was seen as a badge of manhood. I’m unmistakably male physically , but not very manly otherwise.

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I’d pop open the sunroof and go cruising with you if you lived close enough mate, no worries!



I’m asexual but been called gay in many situations because I have a soft spoken voice. I do seem camp. I’ve had men and women after me but 100% asexual.

I last had sex in 1990. It stopped after my wife had a stroke. When we did have sex I blew hot and cold, with there being quite long spells when we wouldn’t make love. My wife’s libido was greater than mine . Since I’ve been on my own I masturbate occasionally , but have no interest in a sexual relationship.

Firemonkey - thank you for sharing this.

People in the bar were calling me the derogatory term of “poof” long before i came out as bi-sexual. I am quite effiminate in all honesty - especially when ive sunk a few pints of guiness.

Straight men round here immediatly get on the offensive - as if you are gonna chat them up, and using their language “bum them”. Yeah right, as if im sexually attracted to an unshaven gobshite with a beer belly lol.

I always thought people that take offense are just insecure in their own sexuality.

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