How can I get into grad school with a 2.34 GPA

I had serious problems in school due to my mental health. I’m back in school with only two courses to take before I graduate. But my GPA stinks

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t get into grad school with that GPA. This is coming from someone who has been to both med school (dropped out due to psychosis) and grad school (got my master’s).


Can I keep taking classes after I graduate? Can I petition someone? Can I get a second bachelors? I am already 35.

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I don’t know if there’s anyone you could petition. You could probably call or email the admissions office for the schools at which you are interested in attending as a grad student, see what they say.

You could go for a second bachelor’s, but if you live in the US you can’t get Pell Grants or any other federal grants to help with the cost, just student loans. I have no idea how the financial aid systems work in other countries.

If you’re on disability you might be able to get help from Social Security for funds for a second bachelor’s (if in US), but I’m unsure about that.

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Graduate school isnt a necessity and its overrated. Your GPA is very low. Mine is low too. Depending on the circumstances, I think you could find a school, program, etc. That would accept you. I think you need some soul searching and need to take school more serious before giving it a shot. Maybe when you feel better.

I dropped out of college. I transferred with a 3.9 and ended up with a 2.95. I’m done with school for now. If I ever go back, it’s going to be an easier school.



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just keep taking easy classes after you graduate and bring the GPA up???


Take more classes and bring up your gpa. You’re still young and can afford to fix this mistake. The longer you wait then more grim it will become.

I’d also point out that there are other ways to gain education. Read a lot, and make sure your subject matter is varied. Take advantage of free online training from places like Write as much as you can, it sharpens the mind. Maybe you won’t have a piece of paper, but you’ll still improve yourself.

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Talk to a counselor as to which classes you need to retake to bring up your gpa. I did this and went to grad school.

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I didn’t get into grad school originally, so I took a few nonmatriculated classes to bump up my GPA. It worked for me, but I ended up dropping out because I got a job offer that didn’t require a graduate degree. After that, it felt like the degree would just be a waste of money.


The first step you should take is to contact the grad program coordinator at the schools in which you are interested. Provide your stats, and they will be able to tell you what you need to do to improve your application package. These people are a great resource and usually very helpful.

That said…2.34 is very low and will make your application uncompetitive. Your work experience and such will definitely strengthen your application, but adcomms are going to balk at the GPA. If possible, you should take post-bacc classes to improve your GPA and show adcomms that you have potential. Having superb GRE scores would help a great deal in this case.

Apply at schools that have a history of accepting low GPAs (just google it). Did you have a major? What was your GPA in your major?

When you apply ask to write an essay. The essay is your opportunity to explain that your low GPA was due to mental illness.

Good luck !!

You can keep taking classes to boost your gpa. That’s what I did. My initial gpa wasn’t as low but I also felt it was not reflective of my actual capabilities because of my then poorly managed mental illness and undiagnosed narcolepsy. However I am also going for a 2nd bachelor’s. You can also try to retake classes if the grad schools you’re looking at accept retakes. I also did that.

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