Can I become a psychiatrist?


I developed my schizoaffective disorder when I was 14-16 years old but was never diagnosed until I had a psychotic break at 20. I went for three years of college from 18-20 and didn’t do great but got 70 credits. I’m smart I’ve been tested to have a fairly high IQ, and did well on the SAT’s for what it’s worth, but never was the greatest student due to my mental illness. Now I’m recovered from my illness, on great medication, completely sober, not psychotic anymore and want to go back to school and become a psychiatrist. Well you pretty much understand my situation. A success story I’ve heard before but what do I do about my 2.5 GPA? If I get my GPA up to 3.0 and get good test scores and a killer essay is there any chance I can get into med school? Or what? I’ve never failed a class if that helps me despite my illness being such a burden in college. Thanks. I’m on medical leave of absence btw. I’m 24 1/2 now. So it’s been like 3 1/2 years since I stopped going to school. Any advice? Should I try to transfer, or stay at the same school? Any way to get your GPA up after you get graduate? Or I’m just not cut out for med school? What do you think? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself on this all as I haven’t even taken a class yet since my medical leave, but want to see my prospectus. Really this dream of mine gives me hope to want to stay sober and helps with my mood. Thanks guys.


A lot of the psychiatrists I knew, were a little “nuts” - Having a schizoaffective dx should not hold you back from achieving whatever you wish :wink:


It’s competitive and really a 3.5 is considered a minimum, and anything below a 3.3 is nearly unacceptable. There are alternatives that would help the same demographic. Put your dream into action if it’s your passion. If you apply w/a sub-par gpa you can add a personal statement, and you never know.


If you want to be a doctor with a low grade point average, go to Graduate School and do great. For example, get Ph. D. in Biochemistry and then apply to med school.

For awhile I worked with a psychiatrist named Darin Delorenzo. Before he went to med school, he identified the neural transmitter Serotonin in his Grad School studies.



@turningthepage…if I were you Id just do psychology degree or counselling degree. This cuts all the bullsh!t. You wont have to waste your time larning about biology. People who go on to become psychiatrists probably would have just done a psychology degree instead rather than waste their time doing medicine.


Psychiatrists have to learn biology - medical school, because they prescribe powerful meds that affect our physical health as well - biology. They also should know how these meds work - side effects etc…


i doubt it but if you did i suppose you could treat yourself lol, in theory, haha


Thanks guys for all your help. I don’t care if it takes me 15 years but my dream is to become a psychiatrist. Thanks for telling me what’s realistic and unrealistic. My psychiatrist I go to now reminds me of myself a lot and I could see myself in his chair. Well that’s my dream. I’ve thought about counseling and becoming a psychologist but I’m not sure. I’ll take it by ear but I’m glad there’s some hope out there. Thanks jayster! And everyone else! I’ll get back to you guys in a decade on my progress! I’d like someone to write an article on me one day “From in and out of mental hospitals to doctor”…hmmmm. lol.