Home maintenance and repair on Your car

hello Dr Zen here. have you really went and checked your oil lately or your radiator fluid how about your brake fluid how about your windshield wiper fluid when was the last time you cleaned your car out and vacuumed it when was the last time you washed it. always things are important to maintaining your car so what maintening would you say is your priority this week or month?

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Yes to all the above. A messy car is too distracting for me.

A work on cars at my schools automotive shop, I take it as a class. Its two hours long.

I personally don’t have a car myself, however

MAN! You hit the nail on the head. I have a Scion TC and man I had to get wipers recently, soon before winter new tires, and I have to vacuum and detail it. Oil has to be changed in about 1000 miles.

I have so many chores, but this coming month I have to buy furnace fuel oil for the farm house I live in with my girlfriend. The tanks are empty but we have a cast iron wood burning stove too and a fireplace so we’re not going to be cold lol. But man, fuel oil is going to be expensive and these bills have to be taken out on the first. Trying my best to keep up with the Jones’.

Speaking of oil, funny how I’m oil certified yet I’ve never changed oil.

Good luck with your car.

The noises in my motor are getting louder. I’m good to my motor, so maybe it’s just it’s time to go. Now, cleaning the car is another matter, because my car runs the same whether it’s clean or not, so who cares.

What kind of noise is it making?

Ticking sounds, like maybe a lifter is tapping.

Not sure, could be a possibility that the pistons are tapping something.

My 99 old intrigue does need another oil change. I’m 2 months late on that. I’d change the oil on my car myself but my car jack is absolute ■■■■ where i have to turn it a million times just to get it to raise. I also need new windshield wipers/motor which I’m gonna have to take into the shop to get repaired for the cold months ahead. The right one only works. I also need new tires since they’re starting to make that droning sound while driving annnnd probably a tune up before winter as well.

For your issue with your motor noise, are you putting in good gas? Sometimes a higher octane rating can cause knocking or your car needs an oil change or a tune up/fuel filter/air filter change. I know when my mom’s 95 buick starts a ticking sound at idle that car needs an oil change bad. .

I put regular gas in it. Yeah, ticking can be an oil issue. I’m gonna start using high mileage oil in it, maybe that will help…it doesn’t cost that much more.

I had my mechanic do all that when I brought it in for an oil change a couple months ago. And I had a new battery put in too. I can’t work on my car in my apartment complex, they don’t allow it. But I check the oil, water, wiper fluid, as often as I can remember to. You forgot to mention maintaining the correct air pressure in the tires. If the correct pressure is not in each tire, it can cause uneven tire wear and even effect your mileage.
Yeah, gone are the days when I worked on my own car. When I was a teenager I changed my own spark plugs, did most of my own tune-ups, put on new head gaskets, gave it a lube job, smogged it,even pulled out a couple engines. I think the last time I did any repair on my own car was 5 years ago! I put in a new battery. But cars were different in my younger days. They were easier to work on because you didn’t have this computerized crap. When my car needed work I could get to any part of it. Every part was accessible.NOW you look under your hood the parts are buried under catalytic converters and stuff.

I’m sure I will never buy a new car again. They are made crappier on purpose so that they fail, and then have to be taken to a dealer because they are too complicated to work on…I’ve heard mechanics say this.

My minivan has been in the garage all week getting repaired. I need to vacuum and clean the dash etc…its been a while. Guess I’ll go to the car wash and get it done. Fluids are being taken care of by the garage.

I just added oil yesterday. I need to vacuum it and take it to the car wash. I’m not going to get out there and detail it unless I have someone helping me. My wiper fluid is out.

I left my car in the last parking lot before getting flattened about 2 years ago. The sad part is I left my pottery tools in the trunk + 4 good umbrellas. Plus the last 2 bites of a Krystal I was eating shortly before I totaled it.