Holotrophic Breathwok - Try this right now and check if it reduces your symptoms

I was searching about a lot of “spiritual” things these days.
So I came across “Holotrophic Breathwork”.
Lay down, put this music on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-SN_XZGNlY and just start breathing, fast and deep, belly breaths.
I’ll copy-paste that:

  1. Full deep breaths – make each breath full and deep, breathing into the “bottom” of your lungs so that when you breathe in, your belly should move out a bit.
  1. Continuous, “circular” breathing – the breathing should be done in such a way where there is no gaps in the breath…i.e. you should not be holding your breath at any point. When your lungs are almost full, you want to turn the breath around and start exhaling. When your lungs are empty, you want to immediately turn the breath around and start inhaling. This creates a breath pattern whereby you are always breathing in or breathing out, creating a circle of breath.
  2. Faster than normal – You also want to breathe a bit faster than you normally would. However, you do not want to breathe so fast that you create tension in your body…your body, and especially your lungs, should be relaxed, without straining, so that the breath can be maintained for a long period of time without tiring yourself out.
  3. Mouth vs Nose Breathing – It is easier to move air quickly through the mouth and mouth breathing tends to be more supportive of emotional release so most people find that breathing in and out through the mouth supports their process better than nose breathing. However, some people find that mouth breathing is uncomfortable for them in which case nose breathing is fine also.

Did it for 10 minutes cause I tought it wasn’t working, than I stood up… WOW! WTF? I was extremely calm and “no-mind”, like stoned by a indica.
The “peak” lasted about 5 min, and the effects lasted about 30 min.
Will search a lot more on this now that I saw it worked.
I’m medicated and don’t have symptoms, wanted to know if someone who has symptoms finds this useful. I guess it will be, because you kinda “transcend” your thoughts.

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