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8.18.2018…was the day my life changed… the first episode… I had been delusional for sometime but it got worse when I started taking st.johns wort because I didn’t want to go on medication … my mind broke or atleast that was how it felt…

Now for the past two years I have been seeing 818… especially when it’s close to the date and I am usually worried something bad is going to happen… but nothing bad has. This year a few days before it, I heard voice said "it’s your anniversary "… I guess an anniversary of an unfortunate event… I have seen it a few times this week… usually I don’t see it so often after the day…

Everything changed for me that day, and I have become a lot more humble and I try not to judge or be too harsh on people… because really who am I to judge anyone… I’m judged everyday for the last 2 years… I have been on trial… some issues resolved… somethings I had forgotten, resurfaced… I have been trying to be a better person… I had issues with anger, I don’t anymore because what’s the point, it doesn’t fix anything… or help in anyway… we are all going through something.

I see other numbers too… I have been seeing numbers a lot since 2016 when I met the ex. I saw them so often I thought I was losing it.

Somedays I feel I have lost my mind, but I fighting it… yesterday I had a bit of a set back… today wasn’t so bad. I feel like everytime I have a episode my brain gets damaged more and deteriorates… so I’m sticking with the meds… until I find better solutions to for this…

I’m not if my friends back home are still my friends… we don’t talk much anymore… when I do use Facebook, I like their stuff… but that’s about it…

People change and drift apart… but this is about numbers… and feeling like 818 is stalking me for some weird reason…


I can understand feeling that way about numbers. I used to, especially when I was young and had a lot of magical thinking. The number itself caught my eye though because my granddaughter’s birthday is 2-18-2018 so that’s her 6 month or what in my family we call un-birthday. So I was having a party the day you were having your first episode. Quite a contrast.


I see the same numbers too. 23, 43, 103. 111… 8-13… it’s not just you…

E=mc2 The universe and even music is mathematical. Even our DNA is mathematical. I don’t know why or how but it is.

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That’s so weird… synchronicities and coincidences…


Yeah everything… even chromosomes… i think maybe this one kind of scares me a bit… because when I see it I remember the day… but I should look see it in a positive way instead because I made it through ok without too much damage.

I know right! 1515


Everytime I see 9:11 I think about how 4 cops forced me to go to mental hospital. 11:11 bad luck will happen.


I’m sorry that happened to you… some people think 1111 is good… make a wish… and it will happen


I understand too. 8 is my life path # in numerology and It was my favorite number before I ever knew that. I even had it tattooed on me. When you flip it on its side it means infinity. I met my best friend in the 8th grade. My father died in 1988. Today I read an article that in Chaldean Numerology the number 8 represents schizophrenia. I happened upon this just as I was listening to Enigmas song titled ‘Circle Eight’

I keep having numbers pop up everywhere.

Been seeing 333 a lot lately.

Last week seen 888 and 1111 a few times at very uncanny moments.

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‘Bodysnatchers’ (By) Radiohead, One For Yes, Two For No’~ DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

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My life path number is 8 as well. I see those too often 333, 555, 222 others… sometimes I wake up at exactly 333 am… like this morning… saw 1111 this morning made a wish for peace of mind…

8 represents schizophrenia… will do some reading on this…

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