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Intellectual disability

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My diagnosis is unspecified personality disorder,major depression and mild intellectual disability . I’m on my initial try but haven’t started the process for disability yet. I have hard time understanding instructions and saying how I feel. Coupled with overlooking tasks at home and ability complete tasks.can this help me win disabity. I thought I called and set up appointment phone interview but I was told needed fill out paperwork first.

Said I have hard time developing close relationships and hostile.anger and hostile to myself and others.tends hold grudges,working relationships strained,



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My diagnosis use to be schzioaffective I get anxious I get into daze doing simple things like opening doors. I get paranoid all the time people out get me.cant concentrate.mainly it’s paranoia.reporyed to therapist symptoms of psychotic that she was not actually having

I don’t know what to say

But Hi and good luck

If you think you’re crazy you’re probably not.

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