Doc said I was 1 in 100

This is what my social worker told me, though it appears i have no diagnosis. I’m not sure what the 1 in 100 refers to, maybe just something atypical. I’m really curious where I fall on the schiz. scale, so to speak, but perhaps there is no way to pin this down. Ah, well, not feeling good today, feels like it’s going to be a long boring day again.

If you don’t have voices or hallucinations like me you could say you’re like 1 out of the many
My therapist said she thought I was either schizophrenic or had delusional disorder but said I was high functioning so she didn’t think I’d have a problem with life lol… uh huh… sure…


Do u work Eric .!!!

Unfortunately no, I’m waiting on my ssdi case that’s pending at he federal court level.

If I get denied again I think I might get my car inspected to see if it’s up to Uber expectations and I may start driving people around for uber…

It’s hard to work when you constantly think the world is out to get you

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My psychiatrist has told me that she hates labels.
Those were her exact words.
She seems to have given up trying to diagnose me.
As of now I really have 2 different diagnoses.
Bipolar and Schizoaffective.

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Do u have it that provision in ur country …!!!

Usa gives mentally crazy people monies. Not much monies but it’s something.

It’s been a disappointing discovery to see how difficult it is for these highly educated professionals to make specific and accurate diagnoses. Doctors and therapists have, right up to my receiving a diagnosis of sz, been unwilling/reluctant to diagnose what in retrospect seems so obvious to me. One nurse told me that I “should research schizophrenia” (wink,wink), but that I wouldn’t want to get that diagnosis. As if getting the diagnosis would make my life harder! Wow.
As in many areas of medicine, unfortunately, being proactive (as much as possible) and demanding clear answers and help is really important.

Dude I was diagnosed as bipolar and anxiety for years I mean from 16 till 28 till finally they diagnosed with schizophrenia and ptsd

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I can’t believe I spent 12 years with the same jackass telling me I’m just depressed and have anxiety then all of a sudden everyone is telling me something completely different

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I support u Eric my diagnosis is lingering between bipolar SZ bipolar …!! I have severe anxiety …!!

Maybe we’re just smart and realize 85% of the world are idiots so we have such anxiety for being too intelligent because we don’t like dealing with idiots…


Are we philosophers or schizophrenics?:laughing: in my opinion you pointed out the main cause of anxiety​:kissing_heart:

I’m not sure what the 1 in 100 refers to

Probably the fact that 1 in 100 people develop schizophrenia?

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We are the 1%!!

(But not in a good way.)


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Why do so many people seem to want this Sz title?


They’re like Pokemon – so collectible.


Until they own it…
Then they try to ditch it as fast as a full pamper.

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Are you high functioning? That can always throw docs off when it comes to psychotic disorders. Despite meeting necessary criteria for a sz diagnosis I was told I don’t have it because I can function and think rationally about things.

Personally I think there are a lot more high functioning people with psychosis out there, but I don’t think they get help because they can recognize their beliefs as strange and want to hide them because they would be embarrassed or scared if other people thought they were crazy. That was why I didn’t get help for my psychosis for a long time.

Since less of those people go in for help it just seems like everyone w a psychotic disorder is low functioning.

I USTA be high functioning…until I tool an arrow to the knee…