Just checking in...things have improved for me

Angie came back. Dad sent money. I stopped smoking again. (today). I heard from my friend Daze about how certain members on here are being uncivil towards her. she is just as important here as the rest of you. she is having problems…give her a break if she comes back? Other than that I have nothing to say.


Daze has been a little delusional. For the most part everyone has been helpful towards her, but, she is making it hard to be nice.

I’ve seen some people on here be mean to her. I appreciate you saying she is deluisional a bit. I think she is too. but that only means she should receive more support not less.


I have apologized to her but she wouldn’t believe my intentions.

She was trolling. Even went as far to attack the mods/admin and the forum in general.

Glad to hear things are going well juke.

@Sarad please don’t pick on her anymore. I know you might mean well but you two don’t get along. @SoitGoes she’s not trolling. she’s misunderstood. she has a lot of problems…please don’t attack her anymore. She’s just hurt.

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As i said, i apologized but she wouldn’t take it. Its the easiest to hide behind a victimized discourse.
You don’t have to worry about that @jukebox. You’ve been a good friend.

I understand. She is afraid of coming back here. I guess she really went a bit off on the people on this site. but she needs help. I appreciate you apologizing to her. Hopefully things will get better for her and she won’t be in so much pain. she is just hurting right now. she’s a decent person and I just want her to feel needed on this site like the rest of us.

Glad you are still bieng supported hope it continues.

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It sounds like she has realized what happened and is probably experiencing regret, fear and many more emotions.
If we made her feel like she shouldn’t come back here we would be feeding the stigma we most detest.
I’m sure it has been a learning experience and bans are there to protect all of us.
If things happen again just don’t feed the flames unless you yourself ARE caught up in the delusion as well.
I can appreciate a good folie a deux, but can’t recognize one when I’m in it.
The community, from what I can tell seems to know each other pretty well and should be able to help each other along with mod help if things go sideways.

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I’m glad you and Angie were able to patch it up again…

I hope thing go well for you for a while. Good luck with the quitting smoking.

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thank you all for your replies. @SurprisedJ yes I think it’s going to be finally alright !!

Jukebox, I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you. I’m not up on the situation with Daze, but I hope all of us can conduct ourselves with tolerance and compassion.


**Hi @jukebox!
Didnt know you and Angie were having problems-but Im glad all is going well now…not sure what happened with Daze, but I know you are a good friend-as you`ve been to me.
Love you! :yellow_heart: **

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