Higher doses of abilify

My doctor wants to start me on oral Abilify something like 5 mg a day on top of the shot that I take or 2.5 mg on top of the shot that I take I think

Anybody doing this? Do you think its a good ornbad idea? He said i have the month to think about it.


Whats the reasoning he gave?

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He said that he is treated people successfully by lifting their Abilify levels higher than the 400 mg dose from the injection by adding an additional oral medication and he thinks that potentially I would see a reduction in symptoms if I did so

But increased potential for side effects also


The shot wasn’t the best option for me. I feel much better on the pills. Went down from 15mg to 10mg a year or so ago, that’s how well I’m doing.

But for the less med-compliant or forgetful types, I guess the shot is the safer option.

What prompted your pdoc to want to up your dosage? Do you still have breakthrough symptoms?

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What are breakthrough symtoms?

Stuff like mental noise or even dimmed voices, some paranoid thoughts, etc.

Can the pills be stopped easily if you change your mind or you see side effects?

I guess so yes but i would have to ask. Also what if effects are imperceptible? I.e. liver damage ornsomething longterm like that

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Yes. That is also a possibility. Tough decision to make.

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The Abilify injection made a good 15-20% of my hair fall out en masse.

Not being dramatic,

It was ■■■■■■■ traumatizing.

Very little of that hair has come back.

Now I’m on vitamins that are almost $100 a month so all the rest of my hair doesn’t fall out during menopause.


Not from alopecia areata though correct you’re saying you just shed hair generally?

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No, not from alopecia areata.

It just fell out.

At once.

Very upsetting.


You have thick, full, hair so no worries charles

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Going bald is no fun for a Lady so I hope you found s better fitting meds option. I didn’t like abilify either as it made me an online porno addict. I by far prefere my current treatment because that it really makes me very little interested in naked women.

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I’m on the Abilify injection and also taking Abilify 15 mg pills. For me it’s ok


Yes thats essentially the idea. I will see i still dont know if i want to do it.

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I guess that,
It’s this ^^^, versus how much your symptoms affect you.

Extra 5mg is not much really to add on.

But it could be bad all the same

I can tell you that if its unbearable, when I came off my 5mg,over a year, my side effects went finally.

But ud still be on ur shot too. So idk how that would be.

Just these are my random thoughts on the matter.


What I can tell you is that if you feel good with 5 mg or 2.5 mg of abilify, accept it. Because with 15 mg (at least in my case) I feel like a zombie. Although I clarify that I do not take other antipsychotics.


Me too. 15 or 10 mg was a nightmare for me

It’s interesting how some people do so well on different doses of same thing…


This is on top of the shot right?