High CBD cannabis has cured me

I’m coming off of my ap’s next month.

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Hello,is it a prescription?I am interested to know,if it is,we are all hopeful

Yes, I had to get a script for it and go to the medical marijuana store. Only thing is I have to smoke it, Canada doesn’t have the oil/tincture yet…


WTF? This is amazing news.

  1. What difference did it make?
  2. What were the side effects?
  3. Did you tell your doc yet?
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I am not about to smoke weed and get it from a dispensary.
I will wait for the actual FDA regulated drugs/meds to come out - call me old fashioned


I will call you a wise and patient man,haha

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It’s a different type of chemical, and maybe it does benefit you more. Even then, all substances are a crutch in a sense even if its being prescribed, I tried the non-THC hemp tincture, and it didn’t help. It can help people with seizures and has an instant effect on anxiety however if you overuse it then it has a more excitation effect. That is great that it is working! You might want to seek out a holistic therapist, and monitor yourself for signs of depression or unusual thoughts. I have fully recovered from schizophrenia or bipolar.

I recovered by mindfulness techniques and practicing compassion and self-love. My ears no longer ring, I don’t hear voices or have visual hallucinations and my emotions are more normal. I am also making more rational decisions, since psychiatric medications had a doping effect.


I am very interested in CBD but have you looked at antisense RNA therapy?

They have a potential GENETIC cure, but all of the development is for cancer and HIV

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@Kellie , I hate to be skeptical but didn’t your doc increase your meds at the same time you decided to try CBD?


It sounds like you’re having a positive experience - but (correct me if I’m wrong) I think you only started using this stuff a week or two ago and so its still really early.

Let us know how things progress for you.

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**Im up for anything that will work! Im pretty sure my son would agree to this stuff.
It would be great to have some other watch group document this–I do not need the FDA to tell me anything.
@Kellie please keep us updated on how you are doing! **

My mind was racing a bit, so then I smoked some high CBD 10.8% and low THC 0.03% and my mind is now at ease. I saved a bit of CBD for when I got mind reading and racing thoughts, and I’m sure it works.

1 year layter… Lol