Hi tech world

Is it necessary to learn all or any of the hi tech stuff that’s been developed in this world to earn a living

Personally I find all the tech stuff very taxing to learn and don’t like it at all

Can we not have simple things to earn a living

Instead of tech and the gadgets I find nature to be more attractive and more joyous to be close with


Even a farm, or animal conservations utilize technology. I would love to open my own botanical garden and animal zoo one day


I’m seriously considering not getting a replacement PC when my current one is no longer usable.

I’m a consumer now. My phone does everything I need.

I used to have a career in I.T.

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My daughter spends all day doing landscaping and pulling weeds. Has to log it all in a complex system used by the town. Gets paid by online banking, no envelopes of cash.

I think a baseline level of tech ability is going to be needed to be part of society as we move forward.


ya u r right technology is everywhere

how r ya doing @anon84377678

I feel like we’re already past the point where you can’t get a job without using the internet. Now I’m being told I need to be on LinkedIn etc. It’s probably going to grow as tech develops.

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same here

i too had a career in IT

even i have turned a consumer now with my laptop, smartphone n stuff

but i dont like to figure out the tech anymore, my brain hurts

how r ya doing @everhopeful

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I have a much more intense relationship with technology, as a type 1 diabetic. Keeping up with technology literally keeps me alive longer and more healthy. :relaxed:

This is my insulin pump. It’s a touch screen. It has a trillion settings and features, to help keep my blood sugar in good control.

I also wear a continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom G6 CGM) on my belly, at all times, except when I need to put on a new one.

Technology is life saving.


Dish washer, newspaper delivery, janitor, there are probably a few jobs that don’t require the use of computers. But tech is becoming ubiquitous in life, you’ll probably have to know some stuff for most jobs.

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ya u r right @shutterbug

a minimum of technology will be needed as we move forward and as tech grows

how r ya doing

ya u r right @Ribbon , we will need some kind of tech everywhere

its really annoying

tech helps no doubt

in the last 5 minutes my laptop has hung thrice with the error operating system not found

how r ya doing

hi @Blossom how r ya doing

yes tech has become a big part of our life and is life saving

but for someone like me with sz its difficult to keep up with it

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Yeah, I understand. I’m doing OK, this morning. Just sipping some coffee. :relaxed: How are you doing?


@Headspark how r ya doing

yes u have listed a few jobs that dont use tech

but definitely tech has become ubiquitous in life

and sometimes that can be a pain

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i m fine

will hit bed in some time and then sleep surf the net

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Yea idk what I would have done without my gaming pc and cellphone as my negative symptoms are really bad, I stay in bed most of my time. I would have probably slept all day.


I was thinking the same thing.

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I’m alright man. Just been reading books and started coding a couple of weeks ago. Been lazy with it.

How are you?

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Working today. Reflecting on how many of my clients’ issues are caused by the fact that they’re probably too stupid to be running a business. Everyone else runs around in circles trying to clean up after these schlubs.

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I m fine

Just surf the net the whole day

U r coding implies that u r in good shape mentally

I used to code too

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