Do you consider yourself technologically unemployed?

i do, do you?.,…qwqwq

Hmmm… I could go do delivery if i wanted to. Would probably only last a couple months at most and then i’d have to quit.

I don’t know man. I’m disabled. At least we have the option to try and work.

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there would be something for you to do if we weren’t so technologically advanced, no?

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Technologically challenged yes, unemployed not sure.

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I just consider myself unemployed(which I am) . Having said that if I was in the employment market my lack of technological skills would no doubt be a barrier to quite a few jobs.
I’m not academically qualified for cerebral jobs and have poor manual/practical skills for factory/manual type work .

Nope. I’ve already had two different companies try to poach me from my current employer, and this is in a provincial economy that is down shifting. Not worried about being replaced by a robot anytime soon. If you’re reliable with a strong work ethic, you’re good to go.


My job has nothing to do with technology. Love that part.

Unsure if this forum is even aware of what technological unemployment is



Quite the reverse … I worked with switchboards and computers so I think I was technologically employed. Without them I don’t know what I would have been able to do.

Technology can be a progressive or regressive thing. It is not particularly progressive when people lose employment through not being able to keep up with technological advancements , and are then branded as scroungers for having to rely on the State for support.
Technological advancements suit employers. Less employees, less wages to pay out, bigger profit margins.
The thing is what to do with those plunged into poverty by being replaced by technology and how to allow those left behind by technology to lead fulfilling and useful lives.

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technology frees people to do what they want

I’m a former Fortune 500 Network Manager. I had 20,000 users spread across 30 cities on 5 continents. I keep up with current trends in robotics and AI. So, yes, I know what it is. I’m not terribly worried. We were having this same discussion centuries ago when motor coaches put carriage drivers out of work. It’s nothing new.


If I really had to be coerced back into working, I’d be okay with a sit-down desk job doing telephonic services. I have a good voice and a very practical set of social skills.

As I see it, automated phone services are not part & parcel of a strong business or economy. I think most people find them cumbersome and they will die quite assuredly in the future - much like automated check-outs are in stores.

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I am really beginning to feel its better to be a fisherman and eat and sell your own fish. There are just too many organizations that will exploit you if you work for them.

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You gotta stay flexible. Read about your field you are working in. Learn new stuff and volunteer to learn new stuff or challenges.

If you are just a stick in the mud, you can be the first to go.

Now of course people here may not be able to handle opportunities and that’s ok if your doc and you agree competitive employment is not for you. But never give up on yourself, the human spirit can eventually overcome many challenges. O it may take time, but you have your whole life. :smile:

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I have thought , in a very delusional way, that I could probably deliver this world from all the evil in it, but what kind of job is that where no one is going to pay me for doing it. lol

As I have never worked there is no field I’m working in. Technologically the best I can do is use a computer to surf the web.
When it comes to competitive employment I only know what an assessment done 7 years ago, which included employment, reckoned and that was - 3 = Severe
Able to carry out light sheltered work in structured, supported setting (e.g. gardening, sweeping, washing up)