Hi peoples I've got a therapy appointment via phone today

What are you all doing today?

Hope you have a good one :slight_smile:


Via phone? Really? Is that possible?

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Yep. I go somewhere private so family can’t hear. I prefer it for now actually
Cos I’m feeling pretty self conscious face to face

OK, as you wish. I personally prefer face to face with my psychoanalyst

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Mine has been over the phone all Covid. I’m not a fan, but at least there is the option. Of course, I rarely have privacy.

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yea privacy is difficult when it is raining, I have to walk outside in the rain and make notes under a tree in the park, like today, it is drizzling :s

Yes I have been having my therapy via phone too. I am glad they do Saturday apps for you hope all goes well.

Thanks Ish, I wish the same for your appointments they can really make a difference

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I get irritated with phone calls due to Covid

I get them from

Autism Specialist
Care Co-Ordinator
Benefits advisor
Employment specialist
Local Mind Charity
University Disability
University Admissions

That’s great you get that support but I guess it could be overwhelming if it’s too many after another in a short time

I am grateful for the support, but it just gets a bit much having to deal with so many people about so many different things

I feel like I am being pulled in different directions by all this contact and it’s a lot to process at times.

On top of all this I am trying to work as well

I had my phone therapy on Thursday. It was kind of weird though; all I heard was heavy breathing and she asked me what I was wearing.


How did your appointment go?

Today I am having breakfast with my family.

I am then hopefully going to wash my horses back with medication as she has rain scald.

I will hopefully also do the dishes and put away some clothes.

My breathing feels not at ease and I still feel like I am in invisible restraints.

Both my therapist and psychiatrist prefer to have my sessions through video, FaceTime and Telehealth.

I personally prefer the simple phone.

I’m sorry to hear about your breathing and the restraints. I really hope it goes away soon. I pray that it does it doesn’t sound good. I hope things will be ok with ur current situation that you’ve been posting about. I can kind of relate so it resonates with me.

The therapist appointment for me didn’t even happen. I waited and waited. Sent her an email too. Anyways she got back to me in the evening it sounds like maybe there was a misunderstanding about todays appointment idk…

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Yea I’m with you on that
I would prefer phone over video.

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Ditto here. I talk to my pdoc on the phone bc of covid. It’s okay as I’m not fond of buses.

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@FadeToBlack You gotta lot of people responsible for you. Maybe you could try to get rid of them one by one. I got out of the race a long time ago.

A book I recommend - If You Meet the Buddha On the Road Kill Him.

The thing is when I was at my worst I was alone.


My shrink told me he hates it. He said you could be there with self harming utensils and he wouldn’t be able to tell. He has told be before how it’s so much more a craft learning about people and what works…it’s not easy buying into that space but you need to learn it…

And much of that is how people react or come across. It’s good for me because I don’t have to go all the way into the city and I do well…For others it’s not so good.

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