Hi - I have Weird question .

I’ve never heard voices, I have OCD and, bad mania . .

I’ve heard anti - psychotics cure ’ Voices ’ and hallucinations, but I’ve never had those . .

Do people who hear voices or, visible hallucinations get better . . I’m asking because I don’t know, are there people here who feel the drugs have helped them, Cured them - -

If people genuinely feel their symptoms have gotten better, I would like to hear about it . .

Because, I don’t know from own experience - -

Yes symptoms can get better but you’re never cured


Antipsychotics are not a cure, they’re a remedy.
I take Invega. My tactile (touch) hallucinations have stopped, my voices have gotten way less intense, and my delusions are gone.

My voices have stopped after a med increase but it could only be temporary. I still get faint voices when I get stressed

I was just wondering, I’ve gotten Anti - psychotics for mania but, I’ve never had delusions . . .

I’m glad they work for some people, for me I always hated the side - effects . .

If there’s a benefit, so there’s a weighing of, plus and minus - - I get it . .

I feel cured but dose having faint voices when stressed mean I’m not


I had visual and auditory hallucinations for a long time, but I haven’t had any in over two years.


Risperidone nearly completely got rid of loud conversational voices. And I doubt I will ever go manic again. I’m diagnosed bipolar. I dislike antipsychotics though. Would rather have the voices.

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Egads! A weird question on SZ.com? What’s this world coming to?
We’ve got to put a stop to this.

I’m just being an idiot as usual. I hope someone else can help you @Jesper_Bech.


I don’t get voices if rarely I hallucinate. I do get paranoid, ideas of reference and other negative symptoms.

Ocd and things like anxiety and depression are common among schizophrenics. Medications help me be more normal but I still don’t work for a living.

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I have schizo affective disorder with mixed bipolar rapid cycling. I hear and see and feel and touch and taste things that aren’t real. That’s a hallucination.

I think things are a certain way or another when they’re really not. That’s a delusion.

I think I’m being watched, followed, tracked, or investigated. That’s paranoia, for me.

Hope this helps.

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When I first started haldol my voices went away. But years later they came back.

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