Hi, I am new here. I Used to post and chat here sometime ago as Billhook

Hi ,
My name is Billhook. I used to post here years ago. I am diagnosed with schizo-effective and currently on a 15mg of Aripiprazole, and 15 mg of Olanzapine plus additional tamazepam.

My symptoms over the past month have been really bad and aggrevating me. My healthcare team have recommended Clozapine Which i think will see me in hospital for two weeks under observation. I feel lost, confused, tired and not real. Does anyone know of Clozapine or used it??. I may have spelt it wrong.

Thanks in advance




Don’t worry, it is spelled correctly. Consumers who take Clozapine may need regular blood test for Agranulocytosis.

As fas as I know, doctors normally prescribe Clozapine when no other antipsychotics work for you.

Welcome back, Bill Hook.

Welcome back! A bit has changed here, but not too much. There are a few folks here on clozapine, and they seem to like it okay. I honk its smart to stay in the hospital during your med change. You never know how smoothly it will go.

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Thanks for the reply. It was suggested that i try clozapine by my health care team, as i have tried a lot of different meds over the years. Unfortunately i have had a relapse big time . I have a meeting tomorrow with my team. Thanks also for the info you provided its useful.
Also thanks for the welcome.

Bests Billhook

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Welcome back to the Forum!!!

Wish you a pleasant stay =)

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