Got agranulocytosis

Anyone who had it,I would like to hear from you.I’m on 250mg clozaril.


I got it after just a week. Had to immediately discontinue, no tapering. Also prohibited from being retrialed on it.

I’ve run to psych clinic today and they said there that they must graduately stop it,and that I need refer paper tomorrow so they can do anything.Went to other clinic and they also didn’t want to admit me.I’ve got lab results from private lab.I’ve been on it for 20 years.

This supposed to be support site.I’m all alone in this.Don’t know what to do.

What do you want us to do? It’s a medical issue between you and your doctor. They’re aware of the situation and are going to do what needs to be done. You’re not going to die. You’ve said they’re going to taper you. What they do beyond that is something only they know.

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I take 500mg a day and don’t have it. :frog::frog::frog:

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I’m sorry zoa but go to the ER immediately

Been there.I’ll try tonight when there is no people.

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I got hematologic room,they said first to your GP.

Then go to your GP but see a doctor immediately

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She’s there tomorrow morning,I go first thing in morning.Told my aunt and my father it’s urgent,but they didn’t call me at all.

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It is very serious. Go as soon as you can. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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It’s good you’ll see your dr tomorrow. I hope you’re better soon!

Thanks.I still would go to ER at night when there’s few people.


Yes good idea, go to the ER as soon as you can.
Your condition is very serious.
Don’t wait to see a doctor.


Good choice. Go in ASAP and let its know how it goes. :zebra::zebra::zebra:

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They told me in ER they don’t have hematologist tonight.

Definitely see a doctor as soon as possible. Sounds like you’re getting the run around. I hope you’re able to see someone soon.


Did you had any warning signs like lethargy or something? I’m on clozapine too, better to be alert about it.

Been to hospital,they took me off the clozapine and put on Risperdal