I am miserable and don't know how to make it better today

everything that is going wrong, as things go in a person’s life, annoys me awfully.

something feels basically wrong with my life and i can neither fingerpoint it or understand what’s happening.

i h ave nobody’s shoulder to cry on over it either.

as usual, things are just “tough for me.”


i get to see my therapist next week and i can hardly wait. she makes me feel better always. judy


There’s good days and bad days, the bad days pass.

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Do you drink coffee? If you don’t, disregard what I say but usually a cup of coffee cheers me up :slight_smile:

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How was your holiday Judy?

I hope things get better for you soon.

Maybe you could buy some flowers for yourself? That always cheers me up.? I wish your life wasn’t so hard. I thought you and your mother were doing a lot better since you realized she loved you? baby steps, baby.

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thank you to all of you for your kind replies.

everything feels topsy turvy. i must be very insecure.

i’ve been considering some major life changes but am hampered by my sz to go ahead with what i wish i could handle.

this feeling disabled makes me upset and nervous.

i wish i could cry it out.

thanks for “listening.” judy

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Feeling miserable sucks. I’ve been going to weekly support groups, a N.A.M.I. class each Wednesday, I get together with some of my peers for coffee and general visiting frequently, I’ve started some yard-art projects, I force myself to get out of the apartment and not to isolate as much. I try to stay as busy as possible. I’m by myself so I’m learning to make dinners with ingredients from the store. I was putting so many things off it became ridiculous. Writing postcards and letters helps. Not much television. I read. Visit my little granddaughter. If I focus on other things besides myself, I seem to feel better, even though I suffer with major depression also. The days can drag or fly by. I’m 60 years old now and when I look back, the past went along unbelievably fast. Got things I want and need to do before I croak so I’m trying. Do things you enjoy, force yourself and you’ll be glad you did.


Hey Judy, sorry you were feeling down, hope today is better for you.

A big hug

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Sleep is a good friend to have some days…

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Maybe you could go hang with the homeless volunteer at a cancer ward or swim for MS

Look for a support group they are great you get to share with other people and can make great friends