Hi - hows everyone?

Its been long time, I stopped by to say everyone Hi !

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Hey zenmonk, whats new with u

you still have your hat on!

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yeah, I noticed (a bit late) :)…

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did miss this forum a lot …

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Any parental news?

and of course, the totally amazing people here…

something i rather not talk of. (gives me a bad mouth) …you know.

quite rather talk other things …


been away from my family for what 7 months now and had the best time of my life…and I want to continue to do that - only if they leave me alone (which im sure they wont)…again being negative…but what can i do…this is life :frowning:

Have u been meditating? I’ve been doing it every night but its like torture. my mind is split

Hey Mr. Monk! Good of you to stop by! How are you doing?

its life, as long as you’re seeing accurately (not implying you aren’t) then who cares if other people think you’re being negative.

doing good thanks for asking @Rhubot, did also miss ya !. How are you doing and how are things?

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yup a lot !..almost every 2 hours and everyday !. liking to meditate a lot !

so true…experiences varies from people to people. only when we put our shoes in their place can we know any picture

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something experience has told me (whatever ive found) is to stop judging people…completely !. you never know what anyone has gone through to be in such a place

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Yeah you gotta start with a basic “yes” or basic acceptance then you can add later no’s for the sake of boundaries. I’m awfully quick to judge, especially on this forum where I have so many preconceptions of people

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Good! Going back to school, I’m really excited about it. Starting a new CBT to deal with delusional guilt, catastrophic thinking and anxiety. Feeling really positive about it.

I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well. What’s been happening since last we spoke?

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yes cause the issue is that suffering is there, it is real and is with everyone. once we see from this particular angle we get to know about how someone is behaving etc…

wow ! thats so awesome @Rhubot . I’m so happy for you …