Hi,how are you all?

It’s been sometime since I last posted.There is an event I would like to share with you all,I went to visit my psychiatrist three days ago and I told him about my Body Dysmorphia symptoms.After that,he prescribed me fluoxetine but I didn’t take it and threw it in the dustbin on my way back home.It’s not that I don’t trust my psychiatrist,I trust him very well and I like him and he cares about me but I don’t want to take a whole load of meds.I am on Abilify and Mirtazapine,I think I am doing okay and are improving everyday slowly

I still had some body image issue which I think with more social life and therapy can help me overcome.I just don’t want to take the fluoxetine because I don’t hope to depend on it forever.Anyway that’s my story,how are you guys doing?


Stick with what you are doing then… I think slow recovery leads to solid changes.

I’m doing similarly… Have to work in 3 hours… Just woke up… Sleeping on the futon here at a friends which is only a few blocks from work.

I’m hungry and considering getting a coffee before I work but it is cold cold cold… The house is cold. Its still dark out (5 am)… and it’s just cold all around.

I keep my place pretty toasty… Feels like I’m in a space ship and the life support systems went out. Which is cool in its own right… But still. Wish I could bike somewhere and get some food and a warm coffee.

Good to hear from you GTX… It’s me Oddjob/SoitGoes…

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If I may ask, why did you report symptoms to your Pdoc if you didn’t want him to act upon them and prescribe medication?

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That’s prozac right? It looks like the right type of med for BDD according to google. That and CBT therapy.

i am fine mah…
on increased 10mgs zyprexa…

Yea,I should have wait for my therapy appointment.The psychiatrist is mental health related so I told him