Hi guys.need your help for our betterment ☺

Hello.hope everyone is good :slight_smile: . As you might know prolonged use of antipsychotic can cause tardive dyskinesia.i read that vitamin e and antioxidants are helpful in preventing that.do you know any product helpful for this so that i can buy ? Please share if you have knowledge about what nutrients to be taken exactly to prevent this problem.thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

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No, I don’t. I keep hearing about this, but have never met anyone IRL that has TD. It’s like the SZ Boogeyman.


It’s a good news.i hope nobody encounters it.but Even still we should take preventing​ measures.

Which med are you on?? Atypical antipsychotics have much lower risk of TD.

Aripiprazole 5mg

There’s such a low risk from 5 mg abilify man I wouldn’t even worry!! If you wanna take these measures so be it, but you getting TD would be like getting struck by lightning practically!! Knocks on wood

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Haha.but vitamin and antioxidants never harm so it’s good to take those

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Be careful about mega doses unless supported by scientific research.

Probably worry more about diabetes. Vitamin D is a good idea.

I’ve met a girl who had TD. The old cogwheel at the ankle. Didn’t seem to bother her or her doctor much. She was still on haloperidol.

Ya I’ve met a girl who had schizoaffective and TD. I said “damn I don’t have issues like that, I must not really be sza”. But I just got luckier with the meds.

If you’re taking vitamin e, make sure you are buying natural vitamin e with mixed tocopherols. Otherwise it can have side effects on physical health.