Hey y'all wut should I Do?

Im flat broke I go to food bank tomorrow. Im gonna have to go without tobacco but I got nicorette patches. I definitely do not wanna pawn my ps4. Just gonna have to go without tobacco for 3 weeks. Got any advice my peeps???


Start a gofundme page and give them your Kenny from South Park story.

Quit smoking. When I couldn’t afford food the first thing that went was smokes. And I know it is tough to quit. I smoked 30 years. But they are expensive and food is more important.


I agree with @anon4362788. Quit smoking.


Stop smoking. You will be amazed at how much money you save. :parrot::parrot::parrot:

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Rather than look for other resources (which you clearly need), you have to remember your priorities. Food is your first priority. Without it, you die (or get sick first). If you have any money at all, you can afford food. Food is what you buy first. I assume that there is no family support to contact, but if you have not, then reach out to them as well.

I find myself in situations like yours from time to time I wouldn’t pawn something for tobacco but food maybe just make sure you don’t borrow too much from the pawn shop makes it harder to get back or puts you in the same position you were before you pawned it

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You could get roll your own tobacco it’s really cheap but it stains your fingers idk just an idea

You need to write down a practical budget each month and stick to it. Also save receipts wherever you go and put them in a shoebox or something and at the end of each month take them out and see where your money goes, If what’s going out is more than what’s coming in then you have to adjust some expenditures in your life such as cigarettes or Netflix or premium TV or drugs or alcohol.


I have to add my vote to the “quit smoking” crowd. Not only will it help save a ton of money, but it’s better for your health and mental well-being.

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