Hey there Doctor

So we get the beautiful disease called SZ. It causes torment and severe anxiety as a byproduct

We see a pdoc and they focus on the Psychosis ( understandable ) by treating you with some good shiit called Clozapine.

The psychosis mellows off but the anxiety remains at mach 3 speed. The pdoc is now happy that the psychosis is under control, but fails to realise the anxiety that gets left behind from such trauma.

Its a success !!!

Its not a success doc, this anxiety is worse than the goddamn psychosis now !


I’m sorry you’re anxiety is so severe. Mine is too. I don’t know what we can do about it

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Have you talked to your doc about a benzo prn in small dosage?

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Yeah I use Klonopin in small doses @Fellowman

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yea anxiety sucks… i hope you feel better soon. I don’t know what to do to help as i never found anything that works well too. I go for a walk now and then when they come to take me out and that helps a bit i noticed as long as i don’t come across too many people on the walk. Listening music and watching movies helps too.

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