Looking back

I had opportunities to committ suicide. God Im going to take a Klonopin. Y’all need benzo if I benefits me. I mean the last ■■■■■■■ weakling

There is some anger in you recently towards life and yourself,
What has gone wrong?

I’m not at right o perphenazine yet. Thx for asking

oare you aliali

I’m doing fine, thanks,
Are you only on perphenazine?

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No I take Lexapro, trazodone, and benztropine. Klonopin as needed.

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Don’t you want to add another AP like risperidon or any other atypicals?

I agree! With your symptoms and the delusions that seem to be non stop why hasn’t your pdoc gotten you successfully titrated on an AP by now? It seems like neglect on their part considering how long you’ve been tormenting yourself over the neighbor delusions and paranoia that you’re being watched and followed. You have plenty of anxiety meds!

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