Hey Sally Pipes, and Forbes Magazine!

Insurance companies negotiate with hospitals and cost, to determine how the money all goes down, and if we
are seeing exceeding costs to them that makes them close up Obamacare, it means lots of people are benefiting,
some of them for the first time in their lives. If insurance companies are so heartless and business-minded,
then get into other markets, find your surpluses, compete for money, but instead they sit there and think they
don’t need to do any work and then say, “Those dirty, low life, Obamacare recipients are breaking our bank.”

When they were ahead, and the people were left behind, they did no start ups, no ideas to grow, because they didn’t need to, and now, they are losing, and they are still in the same mentality. Can you think different for a change?

UnitedHealth care is I believe the largest health insurance company in this country, and they have currently lost their pride in that distinction. Instead of rewards to businesses who carry them for their employees, let a poor man live bastards

love you, Obama.

You’re welcome.

My daughter thanks you for her coverage.

don’t get me started on my kids, you’ll see mama bird.

In Canada, we have Universal healthcare for everyone…rich or poor.

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