Article on how Obamacare is helping young people

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Would like to see Obamacare open up the entire market to ALL competing insurance companies,
and get away from employer-based coverage,

or if you worked somewhere a year with insurance, be able to take with you, and be a lifetime recipient
at the same cost you were paying out of your checks.

Also all 401K’s should have a payout at a 5 year vested period, so that you receive the money (if you want) right now, instead of thinking you’re going to live to be 70.

I’d like to see more companies getting tax credits for hiring the disabled, vets, and poor, with some of this money going back to the worker.

I would like to see college grant money continue until the young person, college graduate, has gainful employment.

And if we are all going to managed care, I’d like to see a health care team that not only evaluates physical and mental well-being, but also be seen there by a social worker, a nutritionalist, a vocational counselor, and a medication manager.

401K should not be lost simply because you lost your job, but should with you for a lifetime, from job to job, and continue where you left off. Get it out of IRA, and the banks, and more into work.

50 cents for every hour you work at any company, any time, let’s say 50 years, and no vesting period, but each employer matches it by half, and must do it, because you have chosen to, not them,

boy, you’d have some good money if you live long enough. And, it wasn’t even through a bank!