Hey, I've been let back in. So far, at least a dog is listening to me

What exactly this last boot-out was all about, is beyond me.

Anyhow, I live in an apartment, and a few doors away from me I have a neighbor that has a tiny dog that occasionally just keeps on barking on and on forever if no one is home. This was driving me nuts today.

So this time, I barked back. The dog stopped for several seconds, and then was back to barking. I barked back again, and the dog stopped for several seconds again, and then was back to barking again.

I barked back a third time, and the dog stopped, and that was that.


Just don’t try to bite him back if he nips at you. Lol.

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I wonder if you confused the dog? Or maybe you unwittingly told it something in dog-ese.

That is what I was thinking.
The dog did it a second time about an hour ago, and my barking stopped the dog again.

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