Oh my freaking God!

We have a new neighbor with a dog. She keeps taking it outside to walk, playing frisbee with it in the middle of the street, taking it out in the front yard while she mows, etc, etc.

This has my dog barking and growling every 5 minutes, It’s getting old. If it keeps up, I might have to isolate my dog from her favorite window to stare out, so we can have some peace and quiet.



Rofl. @anon4362788 @anon55031185 . I like it. I think I’ll keep that tagline for a bit. Funny stuff.


We live directly across he street from the world’s most dramatic huskies.

They bark, they whine, they cry all freaking day.

When we first moved here,

My dogs would just sit at the front window and bark at them every time they made a noise.

Two things happened.

One, I put up curtains and pinned them down so they can’t move them.

Two, they kind of got used to it.

We all did.

Good luck, man.

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I have this issue in my neighborhood but it’s also lots of kids and adults screaming and playing and my dogs go beserk. It’s so bad I don’t even use my living room anymore to keep away from the noise

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We have annoying barking dogs here. When a dog barks then my next door neighbor’s dog barks as he’s outside most of the time then my stepmom’s dog barks. Sometimes I have to get out of bed and watch TV for a while and wait for all the barking to stop.


My neighbours don’t seem to be in this week or so but when they are in there are squealing kids running up and down the stairs and slamming the door. Also they have a kitten that they leave in the corridor but haven’t seen that for a while

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