Hey higher self are you happy?


So.o how are you doing how ya feeling today??.


Doing pretty good I guess


Well not happy :expressionless:


What’s wrong @jassy22?


I’m never happy cant feel happy anymore or reAlly any emotion


Yeah i know how you feel.
I’m constantly feeling flat.
The meds could be contributing to this.


I feel this way as well. Ive had rare instances where I felt extreme love just engolph me when my ex was using an illusion and morphing… I’m a crazy schizo.i know its not real bit to me that was the conclusion. But in those instances I felt extreme love and ran away bc it was almost like i got hit with emotion and like the Grinch my heart feels like it grows literally like the Grinch. But its cool I mannage my symptoms with reading. I read about sophia and christos and I feel happy and almost relate to her. Only she was marry magdeline in a past life and he was Jesus and they loved each other imma write a book about christos and sophia magdelina


Writing a book sounds like a good idea. Helps to put those creative energies somewhere.


I feel pretty good. Ok.


I’m struggling lately. My mood is bouncing and my thoughts are out of my control and I feel like I’m dreaming.