When’s the last time you’ve felt real happiness


Like I have good and bad days,
Some good experiences here and there,
But like in the realer sense of it all, I don’t think I’ve been happy in 8 years.
Just saying this because I was thinking about my life before this and, compared to how I have been with this illness, I honestly think I have no happiness in life/living , maybe just like some joys here and there in the mix of the whole struggle but I’ve never truly been happy in my life in like 8-9years. Damn.


I’m so sorry for you @ChrisJack. But I can relate. It’s been about 7 years for me. I’ve been up, of course on special days with my family, but I’ve never been as emotionally happy as I was then. I know I can be happy now, I just don’t feel it.


Sorry you’re struggling, man. I have a lot of trouble feeling happiness, too. Even when i’m manic i tend more towards irritability than euphoria. It’s a hard way to live. Maybe you could find something you’re interested in, a subject you enjoy. You know, like something to do that would make you feel good. Good luck.


I experience emotions including happiness but it is not the same of course.


From about the age of 22 to 26. I’m 50 next year.


I was 17. A long time ago


I don’t like happiness never trade my unhappiness to anything


I was happy when my father gave me an expensive birthday gift. Most of all I was happy he cares enough to try to and want to make me happy. It was a good day.


There have been two times in my life when I felt great happiness, almost ecstasy. One was when I was four or five, and my mother let me go outside for the first time, as long as I stayed with my friend across the street. The other time was when I went on a reading binge when I was about twenty-seven. Both times that period of great happiness came after a period of misery. I would say I am mildly happy now. Life has its trials, but things aren’t bad. There ain’t no big deals.


Today 1515characters


I think I felt a smidge of it today, ever so slightly. I consider that a good day for me right now.


I would love to describe my moments of real happiness, but it would get a bit weird lol. But let’s say I had many moments of real happiness with my ex-girlfriend this year.