Hey guys, i just dropped a link for this site :)

Guys, i just dropped a link for this forum on twitter, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

I just thought, the more, the merrier lol


I keep thinking you are @daydreamer @asgoodasitgets. Except I think he would have paid his parking ticket. I’m confused.

I don’t think daydreamer was Scottish.

He’s daydreamer :slight_smile:

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Oh. He changed his name?


I would have paid it if they didn’t put the price of them up :frowning:

And i was ready to pay them but the transaction didn’t go through and

I am paranoid about giving my bank details out anyway :frowning: and they didn’t have paypal

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I would hear the minion voice with your comments before. Maybe that threw me off. Also part of me believes you let someone in your clubhouse use your account. Doesn’t matter either way. Glad everything is well with you man.

No I didn’t, I wouldn’t let anyone use my account and I haven’t even told anyone there about this site so it would be impossible, I was thinking about telling my project worker and had written a post about it but that was a while ago.

But I just thought I’d drop this link to various mental health charities who could possibly share it with others with psychosis.

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I guess the photo just confused me. Sorry bro.

Daydreamer you should of kept your name lol. Ah the name changes, so confuse


I couldnt, it was getting where i was being pulled up for every little thing and i felt there was a vendetta against me, i thought if i changed my name then that would help, i think it has helped a little bc the mods are off my back a bit more,

@anon31257746 if i get anymore heat again i will ask to change my name again, and i may not even tell anyone my previous username, I may also change my writing style to make the change more convincing and mask who i really am.

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This may shock you, but I’m pretty sure the mods can connect the dots and know who you are. I think it’s more likely that you’ve just been easing up on some of your more problematic behaviors since coming back.


No dot connecting skills needed since all user name change requests go through the Mods. :smile:


Maybe i have been conforming to the dictatorship a bit more, but i am still not aware of any problematic behaviours i may have had,

I am a Christian and i was getting censored bc of my beliefs and i believe my conscience is clean and its everybody else who has a problem,

I was just trying to be myself, i wasn’t pushing it but people were still not happy and i couldn’t win,

We talk about people being stigmatised for having sz well i was being stigmatised for being Christian as well and i don’t believe that to be fair.

I don’t see why i should have to live in shame and fear bc of who i am

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I shared also a link to a thread of mine on facebook some time ago in which i have no friends. When i was in a voluntary break because i was bored :slight_smile:


hi Flag, i have been getting more involved in charities in my Country and i’m thinking about getting involved more in the voluntary sector, who knows maybe i can get paid for it at some point too :slight_smile:

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