Accounts 151515

I only have 1. I noticed people having more than 2.

How many accounts do you have on this site?


You’re only supposed to have one account.


I have one. I’m thinking about changing the name if that’s allowed.


I only have one account. If you notice someone with another account by there writing style just report it

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That’s illegal :no_entry_sign:!

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I’m not an ■■■■■■■ :smile:

I’m just curious to see who’s truthful or not.


Oh I’ve reported it lol , it’s all good yo, people make multiple accounts to skirt around bans


Looks like it. That, or in need of a “fresh identity”.


I’m new so I kinda feel like this thread is pointing at me :sweat_smile:

This is my first and only account


Just meeeeee. The only reason I could think of why someone would have multiple is if they had an account ban and they’re trying to get around it. Or if they’re just a troll.

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@anon31257746 you always struck me as someone who would say that.

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Yeah this one guy ‘abat’ years ago , he wrote sooo much nonsense till he got banned then like a year later I noticed a new account posting the same mass nonsense posts I was like heeey this is the same guy!:joy: He’s the only one I reported.

Exclusive or inclusive @anon31257746

Maybe time to figure out.

What does that mean?

Oh I get it, your harping on me reporting someone because you get banned a lot and feel your excluded often?
Just my observation that you’ve complained about this sort of thing in the past

Who are you to make a determination and come down on somebody

what you think you got stock in

Yeah I figured that was the case. I don’t make the determination I just hit the little flag button and the moderators make that choice

I’m thankful for the moderation on this forum. It really is a great forum

This conflict is not good for my mental health.

Except for all the rules.

You live a very limited life.

Lol daze you gotta relax it’s just a forum. You gotta get out get some fresh air and take a walk at the park or something. If you want a no rules forum, Reddit is perfect for you.