Hey friends heart

Well I began yelling at the bitches above me and stayed in around Belton. Mbf I was let out of my cage in Belton. A girl was being shady . C’mon daylight I can’t see the crooked daylight.

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I was put on prolixin. That’s all that new without thinking too much

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Rox, you need to go to the hospital. Please. You’re making no sense.

I just did. Lol sorry circle sorry I’m laughing a good laugh. I have weird sense of humor.

It really isn’t elementary. I see snow walking with my mom. A gentle snow coming down. I was six years old. Holding my mother’s hand .

That’s not a sense of humor, it’s a symptom of psychosis. It was one of my first symptoms.

I have a radiation friend. They’ve got a hit out on me. I’m waiting on my bicycle. C’mon whoever I’ve got crochet and knitting. I’m ■■■■ boring Duane.

Just wish for a ghost come to the window to stare during their empty life.


Why did they let you out of the hospital? You’re obviously not well! I mean really not well! I can’t believe the negligence of that place!

Sorry Roxanna! We all saw this breakdown coming. It will take time for the new meds to kick in and start working. Hopefully you can get some peace of mind!
So what happened? How did you end up in the hospital?

seems like you having a psychotic break.

Am having psychotic epuzodes

My great-grandfather hid the ground was dead before reaching the ground he had been holding the milk.

I’ve decided on a slow change. I know I’m not going to make it go away. We have to ■■■■■■■ kill this shiit like Chihuahua ■■■■■■■ down a hill.

I think you should go back to the hospital. I don’t think that continuing down this road is going to end well.

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