Dirt future

Yours truly

I’m in the dark with acid reflux and I just wanna sleep.dirt makes a home for itself vampires sleep with bats. It’s on bitches ■■■■ that rock I’m after that ■■■■■■■ tree whatever you bat.

Greasy foods for pigeo s swuqat haha

No damn future

Are you homeless at the moment and sleeping in a pile of dirt? Did your boyfriend kick you out? I just don’t know what you’ve been trying to say for a few weeks.

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You rarely ever make sense with your posts on here. I think you need to talk to your pdoc or maybe check yourself into a mental hospital

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She did and they let her out like this! What’s the point of having a psychiatric center if they let you go when you’re in psychosis? If someone is like this and does something to them or others there has to be some kind of blame on the facility for discharging them!

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I agree 100%

Well, I think she went. At least that’s what I gathered by some of the wording she used. It could have been a dream for all I know, but judging from what she was saying before and after it seems she’s worse of now then before.

She refuses to go all the time. This word salad keeps up she’s going to get sectioned which would be safest for her now.


Word salad is an accurate description of her posts. They literally make zero sense.

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Yep, they a re. I hope she gets the help she needs, fast.

We are worried, @roxanna

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I know that’s right.


You are in need of help!


I cursed my upstairs neighbors who assoc with mine. I missed my pdoc appt so I’m calling my pdoc early am. Even this I can see I’m not okay.

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