Hey, females on this site, I have an important question

So I’m female as well, and I just wonder if anyone ever has issues with medication seeming to work less when the monthly stuff cycles around?
I notice it does seem to make my meds work not as good as previously, or maybe I’m having symptoms because I need my dosage upped, not totally clear, but the past 2 months it seems like my meds get disrupted by my monthly cycle.

Not only it works less for me…it stops working completely lol
I have major mood changes in those times. Everything is triggering and everything sucks.
:finish the sentence with the Nookie lyrics:

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Honestly thought maybe I just had something else wrong with me due to this, though my sister had said that a lot of females report medication not working as well or at all during such times…man, why do we have to suffer because mother nature thought this was okay?
It’s soothing to know someone else experiences the same issue though.

yeah I think birth control might help with this issue as estrogen is produced :unamused:

my meds always stop working during that time. so much more easily triggered by things too

I hadn’t been in a hospital for years, but landed in one for drinking an overdose ( like about 2 gallons of water ) of water and not being able to breathe. While I was in the hospital, I had my very last period. So, yeah, I see the connection of meds not working and your periods.

yean when I was having periods the meds helped a lot less. but after a couple of months of taking two anti psychotics my periods stopped completely

Not a single thing works around that time with me, not even me!
If only guys could understand how that really feels, the disruption of your life every month for a week or so.

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I haven’t no anything different.

Yes! When off meds, all my psychotic breakdowns where on the day before my period starts, then even without meds I would be fine in between and relapse again with my period. When on meds, I’m often doing worse just before my period starts, but not a complete relapse. I tried the pill (with no other meds) and it worked, but in the stopping week I relapsed. So they are thinking of more stable, continuous hormonal contraceptives in me.

I get worse midway into the week into the week after my period. My pdoc suggested changing birth control pills to have my period only 3-4 times a year instead of monthly.


My cycles are fine but I get bad PMs I get moody but I think that’s because my symptoms play up during those days leading up to my period. My mood changes and I just know it’s on the way