Heterosexual old fart

I’m heterosexual. Grew up in the Mad Magazine- Hugh Hefner- Beatles- Gloria Steinham culture of the 50’s and 60’s. So now that I am aware of how many especially younger people are bisexual, homosexual and transgender, or confused from reading posts on here and listening to the news, I will admit that in public contact with young people I wonder about their gender identity. And have paranoid thoughts of what they would think of me and my own tastes. It’s a new area of paranoia that’s never come up for me before. I’m sure it will pass as I get to personally know more non-heterosexuals.

Also do you think more MI people have gender identity problems?

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Hello, I’m 17, I’m not identified as anything, I do have bi tendencies. I am attracted to both male and female. I don’t think older heterosexuals are repressed if they are happy and comfortable with them selves. I’ve met young men who are very repressed. I say that because they don’t allow themselves a break. They hang their entire identity on how macho they come off.

I feel that anyone, at any age who doesn’t cut themselves a break and they repress healthy emotions in lieu of strict stereotypes are repressed. That can happen at any age.


i have known lesbians,gay straight ,bi, transgender and the most glamorous drag queens all have been very cool people with kind hearts.
( i lived in an arts quarter of sydney for a while )
take care


I too was wondering if there is a connection to gender identity issues and schizophrenia. I know there is a connection with borderline, but there seems to be a lot of bisexual - gay preferences and gender identity confusion among “schizophrenics”
I am a heterosexual male, but there was a point in my late childhood years where I was confused about my sexual preference. I am wondering for myself, because when I am not completely manic I am not a macho type guy, I do posses a sort of stronger than normal for most heterosexuals - feminine side. I do not behave “feminine” but I am drawn to things many women are attracted to - jewelry, bight colors, butterflies (spiritual symbolism) - I prefer the company of women socially than men. As a small child, my neighborhood friends were all female, the older ones looked over me. Sexually I prefer women - spiritually I posses strong feminine qualities


I am NOT macho at all. I might be bi. When I was younger I never really acted “masculine”. I’m attracted to flowers, I do notice colors. Swimming and surfing isn’t exactly a masculine or feminine sport. Gardening isn’t exactly a masculine or feminine job. My Dad is the art teacher, my Mom is the Math and science teacher. Teaching is not exactly a masculine or feminine profession. It’s all a mix. My Dad is the mellow emotional nurturing one, my Mom can be the dragon lady made of iron that gets stuff done… NOW!

I like kids and babies. I like being goofy and silly with my nieces and nephews. The few friends I had were equal between boys and girls. I don’t have any manhood to prove. I don’t care to. I’m a lover not a fighter.

I’m a male. I have hair on my face, I have a Y chromosome. If you look at me, I look male. I don’t think I have anything to prove after that.

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Im an asexual.

Can’t stand it in anyway.

Id only do it if it were a matter of survival and if the consequences of not doing so brought pain.

Free as a bird.

I’m a totally heterosexual woman. I like women but I am only attracted to them as friends. men are very attractive to me, especially if they have beards! I suppose I’m a rare woman to love beards, but I can’t help it, I just do :smile:

i’m totally straight lol,

if a guy started trying to make advances on me i’d tell him where to go or i would run away

it actually did happen to me once and it was this horrible camp guy and he was asking all of these horrible questions and it was really awkward, he had all these innuendo’s and was smiling and gesturing towards me and i just felt like punching him in the face tbh, it was sleazy, pervy and just wrong in so many ways, i was disgusted by it really and the worst part was when he tried to hold my hand :frowning: i pulled away and then he moved on to another table and i was shaking my head, the guy basically ruined my whole night.

i dont have nothing against homosexuals tho just as long as the keep it to themselves, go to a gay club just dont involve me.

i think women are the best, women are so much better in every way than a man and i mean that, (no offence)

I hate pushy people who don’t back off when you tell them your not interested. Male or female.

There are some guys who have very discretely asked if I was interested in taking the conversation many steps further and when I’ve said No thank you. They got it, backed off and we nicely continued our conversation.

There was one guy who just wouldn’t back off and wouldn’t back off. My young sis stepped in and slapped him and said, “Keep your hands to yourself, Not interested.” Everyone jumped to the conclusion of old guy getting pushy with a little girl… he left quick.

I’ve also met a pushy female who just kept putting her hands on me no matter how much I asked her not to. She just refused to respect my request of “Stop touching me.” I don’t like pushy in male or female.

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i know what you mean, there was this girl in college who was upset with me about something and she was really nasty about it, if it was me i would have not done what she did and it was totally out of order, my other friends heard what was happening and came to my rescue and luckily i wasnt late for class but it made me see another side of this person that i didnt know and after that i kept my distance from her, i have given her another chance or maybe she thinks she has given me another chance idk but it was really fkd up,

i always try and go by the philosophy ‘forgive and forget’ and it has worked so far because i feel like i am trying to show people that there is no point holding a grudge, you cant hate someone forever, i realize how this might not be true for some people but i think sometimes you just have to let go of it.

I am heterosexual, but I like some female things such as perfumes. In the modern society there are more and more people who have nontraditional sexual tendencies, which is why some laws are changed in many states and nations. I have not been with any woman since 1999 after my divorce and I sometimes masturbate to satisfy my sexual needs, I suppose this is why I am smiling often, releasing my energies in this way. Maybe I should find a new woman, what do you think?

I am completely straight. I used to think I leaned both ways but I don’t think so anymore, I wouldn’t like the work involved with satisfying a woman’s needs. I know this may cause reactions but it’s how I genuinely feel, I can be attracted to a woman and admire her as beautiful but before I go any further I wind up thinking about how sex would be and it scares me, sex with a male doesn’t scare me as much but still scares me. I’m being honest.

I have had gender identity difficulties for a while I thought myself as male but didn’t act upon it knowing it would break my mums heart that’s also when I was really deep in schiz and just out of hospital but still at my worst I just wore baggy clothes trying to hide myself it was more due to where my mind was but
I’m more happy being a female now, some days I hate it but other days I’m quite pleased I was born as female.

I think it is more prevalent in people with mental illness, I think because your mind is so confused anyway and you’re going through a lot of pain I know with me I couldn’t stand my physical form at my worst because I could be identified by spies and everyone who knew me. I hated myself for many reasons and part of me thought if I was male, I’d be taken more seriously and things would be happier (I know men aren’t taken more seriously now, it varies from person to person but that’s how I felt. I know I had tried to take my life and I was told despite it being a serious attempt that I couldn’t have meant it because I wasn’t male and wasn’t likely to act again despise the fact I had no recollection of doing the attempt itself I’d been planning for weeks, I’m glad I failed now).

I think because we’re so hard on ourselves in mental illness it’s likely to cause gender dysphoria because it’s a change and we doubt everything about ourselves so doubting gender is the next step.

I’m very opinionated in this post for which I apologise for any offence caused I don’t mean it just saying my opinions from the time I felt those things.

Go steady,


I am heterosexual, i only friend with guys, whenever i become close to a woman, i only think of taking her to bed.