Helping ourselves

even if the efforts are fruitless there’s something to trying for ourselves to work out lives that are enriched for us with sz and those who love us.

some efforts backfire – that’s the way it is unfortunately but still we are richer for having tried.

hugs to you all. i really enjoy your company.



Good morning, Judy :sunny:

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best of morning to you too minii!!! love your sunshine.

judy :blush:

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hope and chance are quite different

if we struggle with hope

it is not same as

we struggle with a chance of recovery

I struggle hoping that there is a chance of recovery

In one area excess dopamine causes our rage and positive symptoms

high doses of anti psychotics diminish our anger/rage and positive symptoms

but anti psychotics lower dopamine in brain and we become less functional

less dopamine is 100% all/complete reason for negative symptoms.

We are using anti dopamine so we are unable to enjoy life

but we have no choice.

Between the well and valley we are oscillating hoping for a chance get through the day

and make it alive

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I really enjoy life, life is beautiful :heart:


Use to have a saying at Christmas. God helps thoughs that helps themselves and god help thoughs caught helping themselves


I think a person with goals in mind will live a meaningful life than those without goals.

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My memory is so bad that I find it impossible to retain anything let alone have goals. I fail all the time because of worst working memory/absent and worst long term memory

some efforts backfire

With my family I sometimes think “no good deed goes unpunished”, but I still persevere.

My memory and overall cognition have also taken some major blows. I use a planner journal and a calendar to organize everything. I also have multiple alarms on my phone that remind me of different things, as a backup throughout the day. My calendar is right next to the coffee maker in the kitchen and has huge writing in different colors all over it, so I see it every time I make a cup of coffee, actually helps a lot. It’s okay to use tools like planners and alarm reminders to help you achieve some goals. I’d be lost without mine, for sure.


I find it impossible to do even a small chore,