More motivation

Recently I’ve had more motivation. It’s easier to do my chores. I asked the ECT psychiatrist if the ECT helps with motivation and she said it does. I’m doing really good. I feel like I have more worth because I’ve been helping out around the house. I’ve also been cooking dinner more for my mom and fiancé. I don’t know what I would do without ECT. :sun_with_face:


I’ve had plenty bouts of really stubborn major depressive episodes and I’ve been tempted to ask for ECT many times. I’m glad it’s helping you, that’s great news. How many have you had? How long did it take to work? How many do you have left? How often do you get it done? Sorry for all the questions. I’m just super curious about it for future reference.

I started getting it years ago. Its been off and on the past few years. It starts to work after the first few rounds. It’s something I’ll always need to get. They’re trying to stretch it out till I’ll only need to get it a couple times a year. Right now my next treatment is two weeks away but I can come in sooner if I need it. I highly recommend it. :sun_with_face:

oh honey I’m so glad it works for you. Do you need to take meds also?

Sign me up! Seriously. Only thing I don’t like is the memory loss.

I have treatment resistant sz. The doctor said ECT makes me more responsive to the meds. I’m on Latuda, Clozaril and Geodon and have no symptoms.


So glad your getting some help with the symptoms. It’s a pretty extreme form of treatment but I’ve heard it works for some people! Keep on keeping on and hope you continue to do well!


The memory loss isn’t too bad. It’s worth it to not be scared all of the time. You should consider it. :sun_with_face:

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