Help with voices?


I’m fairly new to understanding my diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder…I’m having troubles with voices. Well a specific one. He’s usually only active when I try to seek information about my disorder…he gets hostile and says very mean things to me…I can’t do anything to stop it I just kind of have to wait until he’s done and my female voice comes in…my female voice seems like a pre recorded voice as mostly all she does is comfort me after something bad happens…I can never get her to talk to me even though I long for her attention. There’s also another male voice, it’s not conforming but it isn’t sca either. He usually warns me about things and I occasionally conversate with him. I guess what I’m looking for is anyone with similar voice experiences? And maybe some technique to stop the hostile one…


I found it helpful to note when and why the voice decides to intrude. You are already thinking that way, so I think you are on the right track. And in this case, it’s just that-- an intrusion.

From there you can make a stand against the voice. Something like saying to yourself, I’m in charge here, and I’m going to learn about my disease and fight for control of my life. You can also try bargaining with the voice. For example I told some of my voices that they can only bother me at home, not at work and they obeyed most of the time, Sometimes it also helped to laugh at the voices and say that they are silly and belittle them. The mean ones are bullies so treat them as you would a bully.

Try to think what they want from you… For example this voice probably doesn’t want you to get well, because that would mean that he wouldn’t exist anymore. In some ways the voices are all aspects of yourself, so you need to make peace with yourself and your fears and desires.

Oh and medication helps, but it’s not perfect. A little self-directed cognitive behavior therapy helps too. Say to yourself the voices aren’t real they are aspects of your own thoughts and you can control you thoughts, so you can control the voices.

You may not make them go away, but you can tame them. For example I had a pair of voices, male and female, that I thought were FBI agents. I used to talk to them and try to reason with them… Eventually I came up with the acronym Friends Being Interested. After I made them my friends they didn’t scare me as much and didn’t intrude as much and eventually I outgrew them and they went away.

One last thing to think about. To me the voices were a sign that I was lonely and needed friends. The problem was that they were keeping me from meeting people and gaining new friends, so it was important to me to make a stand against them. As I got stronger and intereracted with more people, the voices receded. So my advice to you is keep as busy as you can tolerate and find friends where you can. It helps push the voices aside.

Good luck. You sound like you have insight into your disease. That’s half the battle.


thought i would say hi.
i look at voices like a radio or t.v on in the back ground…just ignore it as best as possible.
take care